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Bouquets for business partners to order in Kyiv

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A bouquet with daisies is universal

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Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

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25 red roses in a hat box

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An airy bouquet with hydrangeas

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151 meter rose Grand Prix

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In business etiquette flowers play an important and sometimes decisive role. Give to Manager, employees, and business partners. A well-chosen bouquet for the business partner or the head can help in addressing important issues of cooperation and even career advancement.

Business bouquet expresses your personal relationship to the recipient, but will also talk about the respect for his merit. Well-chosen gift performs a number of tasks:

  • set up partner for business communication, promotes continued cooperation;
  • increases the prestige of the company of the giver in the eyes of potential partners or customers;
  • will make the atmosphere more relaxed and pleasant, eliminate the psychological barrier.

What to consider when ordering bouquets business partners

There are certain requirements in the selection of bouquets of this type. For example, choosing floral arrangements for foreign partners need to be especially careful. Because each country has its own traditions, is differently interpreted the meaning of flowers, their perception of colors. Please contact the online flower shop 'Kvitochka', his experienced florists know the ins and out of choosing colors, so lay it on professionalism.

Real flowers for business partners to buy in Kyiv inexpensively, pick up the directory of songs of different style and size. When buying them, consider the character traits of those people whom they are intended, their age, position in society and the position in which they work.

There are a few rules that need to be considered to bouquets for business partners consistent with its purpose:

  1. In business etiquette there is no strict division between male and female bouquets. Composition for the business lady should not openly emphasize their femininity and hint at 'weakness'.
  2. Choose bouquets of medium size, simple and stylish packing and neutral colors. Doing business of composition is elongated and in the form of an inverted truncated pyramid. This shape means success in business and strong energy. Bouquet an elongated shape with bright colors to symbolize strength and motivation. Suitable such composition for the newly appointed head or for developing new businesses.
  3. To emphasize the status of the bouquet, apply expensive luxury flowers and expensive packaging and ribbon to it. This option is chosen, if the donor and the recipient are roughly the same financial position.
  4. If you need to give bouquets to multiple partners, the biggest composition is meant one who occupies the highest position. Smaller bouquets are presented with other employees depending on their positions.
  5. To create business bouquets are most often used roses, Calla lilies, lilies, orchids. So, roses can be presented to men and women. Buds of red and white colors in a bouquet – the prerogative of men. Cream, yellow, white, pink roses are suitable for creating compositions for women leaders. Small flowers do not add to business bouquets.
  6. In Vogue the preparation of compositions for the business partners of the exotic plants. To do this, use Heliconia, strelitzia, Anthurium, craspedia, freesia, etc. Inappropriate business partners or leaders to present wild flowers, pink peonies, tulips and flowers with a pungent smell fades quickly and the plants. Bouquets should long to please the recipient, to have a presentable appearance.

Not to be mistaken in choosing a bouquet, consult the company Secretary of the recipient, what flowers prefer her head. In Ukraine are the most popular arrangement of flowers in yellow, white, blue, red colors.

Who are suitable for the present business bouquets

Among the wide range of flower store has a separate category of business bouquets. They are Packed not only in a special film or Kraft paper. Often used for this purpose the recycle bin. They are very convenient, as the recipient does not need to look for a vase to set the flowers. The cart offers an oasis of water for power plants, because of this, they don't fade.

If you make the order of flowers in Kyiv, you will be brought directly to the office, in a restaurant or at the address you specify. Use business bouquets for delivery to the boss of the company, heads of departments and other employees, and business partners. Flowers are bought for birthdays, corporate events, corporate anniversaries, to celebrate a successful transaction or the conclusion of the contract on cooperation, on a particular occasion.

It offers customers – hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv. You can order any number of flowers, they will issue depending on whom they are intended. For this purpose only fresh, beautiful, presentable flowers.

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