Baby bouquet to buy in Kiev, delivery

101 rose (red, white, cream) with a height of 50 cmThere is no person who would refuse a gorgeous bo..

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11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colors in the hat box. Height 25 cm, diameter - 18 cmPeony r..

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17 al Dutch roses in a translucent package.You want to confess your feelings and do not know how to ..

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101 rose mix red and white, height 60 cmA bouquet of roses can be the best gift for women!No lady ca..

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A classic bouquet of white roses 'Avalung' in number of 11 pieces height 70 cm rose Bouquet snow-whi..

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Bridal bouquet with freesia and eustoma.Incredibly beautiful bouquet. It differs from the other fres..

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23 white Dutch roses height 80 cmWhite Dutch roses, buy in Kiev, inexpensively and tastefully decora..

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51 white rose sweetheart a height of 70 cmIn our store you can buy a wonderful bouquet of white rose..

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Bouquet of seven red roses branches.Love is a special feeling that lifts the lover to the heavens. C..

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A bouquet of flowers in a hatbox. Composed of orchids, roses, decor. Height - 30 cm, diameter - 20/2..

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51 White rose varieties 'white Naomi' in the hat box. The total height of the composition - 50 cm di..

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Very stylish composition, delicate, unusual. Consists of eustomas, roses, herbs and seasonal flower..

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Original bouquet of different colors of roses pale pink and pastel shades in the amount of 27 pieces..

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Very original composition in a hat box, universal: birthday, anniversary, March 8 and beyond. Compos..

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Mixed bouquet, stylish, cute. Consists of soft pink and bright yellow roses, white like daisies, chr..

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Carton size: height - 20cm, diameter - 15 cm, the total height of the bouquet is 40 cm, diameter 20 ..

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Beautifully decorated gift basket of candy and flowers will decorate any event. You can order it for..

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A delicate and romantic bouquet of roses combined in their composition of white and bright pink rose..

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A box of roses in quantity of 25 pieces 'Valentine'. The height of the composition - 35/40 cm, diame..

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Baby bouquet to buy in Kiev, delivery

You feel that bouquets are designed for respectable ladies, shy girls and business men in suits? Nothing of the sort! Not so long ago the floral Studio 'Kvitochka' started developing a new direction – bouquets for kids!

What should be the correct bouquet for the crumbs?

This is a complete scope for creativity and flight of your imagination. Songs for kids should be special: bright, interesting, intriguing and impressive. In General, those on which your child will come to the indescribable joy and shout: 'Thank you! It's so cool!'. Do not have to use the traditional roses. Flowers for a baby should be interesting, spontaneous, bright and elegant. Daisies, gerbera daisies, cornflowers, lilies, Kala and others. You can use a pleasant and interesting decorations:

  • Vivid and immediate beads;

  • A huge number of assorted greenery;

  • Candy and sweets;

  • Soft toys.

And to the child about anything not guessed, just make an order by courier on the website . At the appointed time he will bring a unique song, and after that will cause a mad delight. Flowers delivery to Kiev makes a town where happy kids, and their sincere smiles, bright mood and crazy emotions are transmitted to all adults.

The reason for the gift and their characteristics

Many adults believe, for any gift occasion requires. But is it really? Baby should be spoiled! Remember the famous phrase: 'Children should be spoiled, then they grow into these bandits?'. Therefore, the flower shop 'Kvitochka' to make nice crumbs absolutely no reason. But if you need it, here is a sample list of events where you must appear with a bouquet of:

  1. Birthday. The 'sweet' and the most important day. Is it possible to do it without flowers and gifts? Our online flower shop have already prepared interesting options for girls and boys. There is even a mouthwatering and delicious sweets.

  2. School ruler. Why is it assumed that 1st September is the day for the teacher. But nothing like this! It is a day for crumbs, because he goes to the world of knowledge. And that way was simple and easy, you will have to use interesting and enjoyable bouquet. It will brighten the occasion.

  3. Victory in the event. Your child sang better than others? Or a desperate acrobatic? Or create the best drawing? Why don't you make a surprise in the form of a gorgeous bouquet? So if you would tell your baby that he is the best.

  4. 'Gold' in athletic competition. Maybe a little crazy about sports? Running, jumping, dancing, fighting? Since childhood you need to train your athlete not only to the spirit of competition, but also to the pleasant feeling of victory. So simple
    order flowers to Kiev makes a city, which recognize the glory of these athletes. Albeit small ones.

This is just a sample ('sighting') a list of activities. In reality, there are many more, you can choose which one to give the baby something special.

ATTENTION! A couple of years ago there was a strange tendency: to give the tiny flowers from the half-opened buds. This approach supposedly symbolized youth and great success ahead. But today, such an explicit practice. You just give the bouquet and enjoy the result in the form of a bright and sincere smile of the baby.

Internet-shop of flowers 'Kvitochka' offers you not just floral arrangements. It is made up with love and tender awe to each of the tiny flowers. Let the baby for a few moments feel like a king/Queen of holidays. Flowers - a token that will be remembered for a long time and will leave a pleasant aftertaste in the heart.