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Floral bouquets and creative arrangements for boss woman

A bright bouquet of peony roses and orchids

1 990 грн.

Bright bouquet with peony roses, tulips and orchids in purple tones.Our wor..

101 red rose 100 cm

7 990 грн.

101 red rose 100 cm.Sometimes, to impress his beloved, or to beg forgivenes..

101 Tulip iris

2 990 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips and blue irises in quantity 101 piecesAesthetically..

101 white rose in a hatbox

3 790 грн.4 390 грн.

101 white rose in a hatbox.Romantic gift - big rose bouquet for girls. With..

101 red rose height 60 cm

4 990 грн.5 670 грн.

101 red rose height 60 cm, diameter of 55/60.A huge bouquet of 101 red rose..

A gift basket of chocolates No. 3

1 390 грн.

Beautifully decorated gift basket of candy and flowers will decorate any ev..

101 red rose "Red Naomi" 100 cm

7 990 грн.

101 red rose "Red Naomi", height 100 cmThe magic of the red rose - symbol o..

21 red rose in hat box

1 155 грн.1 690 грн.

21 red rose in a hat box. The height of the composition - 35 cm, diameter -..

Roses in a hat box Nocturne

995 грн.1 475 грн.

It is a worthy bouquet to gift a special memorable Day. Arrangement contain..

101 Tulip pink-purple tones

3 590 грн.

Huge bright bouquet - 101 Tulip pink-purple tones. Height - 60 cm, diameter..

The Fire Of Love

2 690 грн.

The composition in this modern European style. Consists of 29 gorgeous red ..

101 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix

4 990 грн.5 790 грн.

101 velvet rose varieties "Grand Prix". Height - 70 cm, diameter - 60.This ..

51 lilac Tulip in a box

2 290 грн.

51 lilac Tulip in a hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 45...

Bouquet in a hatbox Picturesque

1 490 грн.

Mixed bouquet in a hat box of roses, daisies, Alstroemeria and decor. Heigh..

Contrast 251 bouquet rose

10 750 грн.

A contrast bouquet 251 Rosa, height - 70/80 cmGorgeous bouquets of roses re..

A bouquet of white roses 101 "white Naomi"

3 590 грн.3 990 грн.

A large bouquet of white roses in the amount of 101 units and a height of 5..

Basket of Spring flowers story

1 990 грн.

Basket with spring flowers. In the composition of tulips, irises, roses. Th..

Great team basket 'To the Wedding'

2 790 грн.

Huge flower basket in bright colours. Consists of roses, lisanthus (or alst..

White tulips 41 PCs

1 770 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips in a modern package 41 PCs.41 a bouquet of white tu..

101 white rose "Avalanche", height: 60 cm

3 590 грн.3 990 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche", height 60 cmBouquet white flowers always look a..

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Floral bouquets and creative arrangements for boss woman

The choice of colors is always a very important moment, flowers boss woman should Express a number of points, to underscore the status of the person, respect for him, reflect a strong-willed leader must also meet the age, personal characteristics.

Highlights choice of bouquet for the boss woman

Bouquets for the boss often present on such holidays as March 8, birthday, anniversary. Most often the selection do the secretaries, they get them from other people, and then transmit them to the head. The main objective of this bouquet is to demonstrate the power of man and his special leadership qualities. A bouquet for the boss to buy in Kiev, delivery is not difficult, you can contact the online flower shop 'Kvitochka', where experienced florists will offer you already ready-made options, those that they created.

Composition will be created exactly to your order, it will fully meet the one you see in the photo, but only from fresh flowers, observing all the nuances of floristry. Flowers for the head of the woman needs to be her age, be selected in accordance with reason, it can be separately bouquets for an anniversary, Women's day, professional holidays. Flower arrangement should reflect special respect, often they are given with the purpose of wishes for a speedy recovery. Women love plants, skillfully versed in them, so here it is necessary to consider the form, and color.

Leaders never give little bunches of buds, also are unwelcome white, pink flowers that are out of place in this situation. Female boss can give almost any colors and exotic songs and classic roses, but adhere to a single scheme. The compositions can be not only monotonous, like the male flowers, but also colorful, but similar in tone.

Features of the bouquet to the chief woman

The bouquets have to be cautious, have a clear line. For boss, you can choose VIP flowers is creatively designed flowers that create a beautiful composition, it can be a basket, a box of flowers, it can be a luxurious variant of the 51 rose. Most often a composition composed of one kind of plant in a single color, in this case, solemnly will look like roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums, lilies. If the boss lady of Mature age, then necessarily it will be bright, saturated colors, suited Burgundy roses, blue, purple flowers. You can always choose the orange color which is a symbol of power, pride and strength, especially in the East.

Form most classic, elegant, without experimentation, there must be a minimum of jewelry, it must look elegantly, gracefully, sometimes the actual strict and clear lines, which is characteristic for the male flowers.

The online flower shop 'Kvitochka' offers a variety of options, the compositions in his catalog, you can easily choose the desired option. Flowers delivery in Kyiv around the clock will ensure that you get the order to the office, then you can give the boss.

Not worth it to transport a bouquet of floral salon, it takes much time and requires care for the sound. Courier company know exactly how to take it, preserving the original form in which it is shown in the photo. They use a special machine and a special attachment. Ordering flowers in Kyiv and Kiev region to carry out easy, just look on the website of the company, and to choose the right song. If the self is not able to choose, you can always get the advice of experienced specialists in florists, they will help you to make your choice dependent on the occasion.