Bouquets for the Pope: confession sincere feelings in an original way

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Bouquets for the Pope: confession sincere feelings in an original way

Bouquets for dad – a special composition which can give a loved one loving children. The peculiarity of these floral ensembles that they should emphasize the love of children, but to stay relevant. Often popes have no special preferences in terms of choice of colors, so pick them not always easy. Convenience online flower shop 'Kvitochka' solves even the most complex problems – it helps to pick an appropriate bouquet.

What flowers to give to daddy?

There are certain rules of flower etiquette that are important to consider when composing. No less important, and current trends, and the possibility of the Kiev flower shop are quite large. You can select from a variety of plants that can be used to generate ensemble is truly a man of 'character' and style. Bouquet to dad to buy in Kiev can be expensive, indicating special preferences and requirements. But often customers ask for experienced florists to create a special composition that would be able to Express my gratitude, sincere love and wishes all the best from children. Depending on the subject in the composition can be included:

  • Roses.
  • Calla.
  • Chrysanthemum.
  • Cloves.
  • The delphiniums.
  • Gladioli.
  • Lily.
  • Irises.

This is not a complete list of plants that can be luxurious or sleek bouquet. Often customers ask to be included in this exotic ensemble or combine plants in a contrasting shade. Selected flowers for dad should be simply decorated to feelings of femininity and irrelevance.

The design and shape of the bouquet for dad

To present flowers to the Pope accepted since ancient times. And the reason for this can be a great many – a Birthday, a promotion, dissertations, doctoral, academic titles, armed forces day, New Year, etc. Among the features of the finished compositions not only their contents, which will be chosen by experienced florists depending on the age and situation of the recipient, his preferences and character. Attention florists pay the following:

  • Form – it should be rigorous and concise. The most popular option is a trapezoidal, rectangular, triangular. It is unacceptable to present bouquets round and oval. Don't give men and cascading of the composition.
  • Packaging – the priority of minimalism, which can manifest the choice simple paper or a simple transparent polyethylene. Interesting look floral gifts with tape or without packing.
  • Accessories are often not used at all. However, they are valid if the recipient is busy working in a particular area. If he's a professional, and the donor wants it in a special way to draw, then such accessory will be appropriate. It may be small ball, which is also touted to the fans. It is appropriate to look like a postcard, which will be touching the contents – sincere wishes for health, happiness, luck, long life, etc.

Ordering flowers in Kiev and Kiev region for a father is a special service, which involves the choice of the bouquet which will display the character of the recipient, but not to hurt his male qualities and traits. It is because the selection of colors, pay special importance. In priority only to deep shades, which include blue, purple, Magenta, Burgundy and dark red colors. Dilute colors are greens, and small white and yellow inclusions of small flowers. Bouquet found the recipient in a timely manner and gave him only positive emotions, effective delivery of flowers in Kyiv around the clock.