Basket of flowers with delivery in Kyiv

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Mix of tulips in the amount of 45 pieces. Plain and simple bunch of tulips looks very impressive in ..

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A huge arrangement in a basket, consists of orchids, Alstroemeria, spray roses, freesia, chrysanthem..

2 990 грн.

-23 %
Bright arrangement in a basket of cream and pink Alstroemeria, spray roses pastel and pale pink shad..

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Large basket 301 rose sweetheart. Height - 60 cm diameter - 1 meter.All men who intend the most effe..

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51 roses heart shaped in basket. The height of the composition - 50 cm diameter - 55 cm.What could b..

1 995 грн.

A huge basket of flowers with roses, Nisantasi, chrysanthemums, roses, decorative greenery and seaso..

1 990 грн.

Very stylish composition, delicate, unusual. Consists of eustomas, roses, herbs and seasonal flower..

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Heart of 101 roses in the basket.Elegant basket of roses today real works of art! There is always th..

3 990 грн.

-37 %
151 rose different varieties in the basket. height - 60 cm, diameter 70/80.Roses – Royal flowers, re..

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3 990 грн.

A huge bouquet of orchids, irises and roses in a basket.Large bouquets of orchids in baskets – a rea..

3 490 грн.

Huge flower basket. Composed of bamboo, orchids, alstromeria, seasonal flowers. Height - 70cm diamet..

3 990 грн.

Original composition in the shape of a heart out of 51 large rose. Roses to his girlfriend is absol..

2 995 грн.

Large-scale, excellent composition of 51 red roses in the basket Grand – this is the unchanged class..

2 990 грн.

Flower basket in bright colours. Composed of iris, tulips, spray roses, greenery, decoration. Height..

1 490 грн.

The flowers of chrysanthemums. The height of the composition - 60 cm, diameter - 70 cm.In our store ..

2 490 грн.

Flowers in a beautiful wicker basket. Composition: lisanthus, romashkovidnye chrysanthemums, roses, ..

1 990 грн.

-33 %
Original composition in a wicker basket. Red rose varieties Grand Prix and a white rose, variety "wh..

5 990 грн.
3 990 грн.

81 rose heart in the basket. Made with taste experienced florists arrangement of roses placed in a w..

3 575 грн.

Very original and stylish arrangement of Premium. Bright, rich, expensive. Has an interesting combin..

1 790 грн.

Flower basket of relatively large sizes. Composition: Orchid, chrysanthemum, roses, herbs, irises, d..

1 790 грн.

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The giving of flowers is a multipurpose that can deliver on any holidays and important dates. The most interesting variant of delivery of a present is to place the bouquet in the basket and choose an interesting composition. The benefits of this gift apply comfortable carrying, and the recipient do not need to buy and pick up the song, and also worry about its freshness.

Basket of flowers - a decoration of any celebration

When making the basket is applied a wide range of varieties. Combinations of different varieties in the basket will look much more attractive and more effective than the congratulations I'm sorry bouquets of the same species. To diversify and add originality to the basket, you can use decorative elements, for example, ribbons of soft fabrics, tie composition a bow or decorate with beads. In this case, the flowers in the basket are chosen according to your requirements, tastes, and given the holiday date.

Most importantly, the ordering of bouquets in Kiev is carried out in the shortest time, and the combination will leave in the memory of a person dear to you only good moments. Important is the point that you can choose the size of the basket. So, you can order a small basket with fresh race, daisies or peonies, that would be neat to look at the office Desk.

You can order a bunch of huge size that will show off in the centre of your holiday, and attract the amazing eyes of the guests and relatives. Design options are very much depending on the preferences and imagination, and most importantly, delivery of flowers in Kiev is available. 

So you can save time and not worry about the safety of the present. If you can not make an order on the website, you can use the contact details and make the order over the phone.

Order composition

Check out some of the design options and make ordering flowers in the city of Kyiv

1. The design of the basket with the same flowers. Baskets of flowers look great in the interior — because you can choose a color palette of the room.

2. With different varieties of flowers. Better known combination is the Association in a basket 3 colors: scarlet, yellowish and orange, and white, pink and purple color.

Variety you can use different: roses, lilacs, peonies, orchids, hydrangea.

3. Basket with wild flowers - romantic variation of the baskets. The composition can be represented by a small roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, ornamental grass panikum.

4. Male basket of flowers looks simple and presented in schemes 1-2. For example, a tall basket with red Amaryllis, hydrangea emerald. For spice you can add red pepper.

5. Wedding centerpieces is the most common order of flowers delivery to Kiev. A combination of tender romantic varieties, for example, small roses, freesia. Such baskets — the perfect gift for the newlyweds.

Make your choice correctly!

Basket with fresh flowers not only looks beautiful, but also more sustainable, in contrast to the usual bouquets. In this store you can choose any combination of songs or use the advice of experienced florists. You can also pick up the basket of flowers not only in size but also by weight. The biggest, for example, will weigh up to 10 kg.

So it's easier to order delivery of bouquets in Kiev and your gift will bring the courier to the specified address within minutes. A rare case of small products up to 3 kg. In any case it is better to choose a delivery option because the design is quite fragile and can be damaged. Want a gift brought only positive emotions, go to our firm, and fast delivery of bouquets in Kiev pleased you and loved ones? Only we have the highest quality and always fresh ideas for decorating bouquets at affordable prices.