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Huge baskets of flowers to order with delivery

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A basket of flowers Prince

5 550 грн.

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Basket of flowers 'Ukrainian Flag'

3 990 грн.

14 690 грн.

7 970 грн.

2 990 грн.

2 995 грн.

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Flower summer basket with hydrangeas

2 290 грн.

8 490 грн.

2 990 грн.

21 650 грн.

0 грн.

Among the many pleasant and original gifts for women and men, flowers are still out of competition. People like not only to receive but to give flowers not only to the standard bouquets, but as original compositions, which are distinguished by individuality and aesthetics.

Recently, a special popularity has acquired a huge basket of flowers that is presented as a pleasant surprise to their wives, beloveds, sisters or mothers. If a cart, the woman detects as an unexpected surprise near the door, then she comes to the unprecedented excitement and that feeling will be long enough. What are the varieties of flower baskets? That can offer its buyers the Internet-shop of flowers 'Kvitochka', which sells flowers and flower arrangements for many years? Why many men seek to please your beloved that is a large floral baskets?

Large flower basket – luxury gift

This type of flower basket is a gift that will leave an unforgettable impression in the heart of any woman, regardless of her age. Most often, this gift is presented to certain memorable dates in order to emphasize their importance and to once again Express my sincere deep feelings.

What exactly we can offer professional florists of the store, 'Kviochka' to its new and regular customers?

Large basket with roses

Since Rosa is still considered the Queen of flowers, the basket is created with its use, aesthetically pleasing, original and ornate. At the customer's florists, the company is ready to create monochrome compositions or combine roses of different colors.

A large basket of tulips

This type of baskets is available in the online store 'Kviochka' not only in the season of their flowering, but at any other time of the year. As with the previous type of gift basket of roses can also be combined from different shades of these colors or one color that would be particularly appropriate for parties or weddings with a colour dress code.

Large combo basket

All products offered by online store, presented in the form of a clear, bright photos that allows customers to quickly determine the choice. If the buyer has own requirements or preferences regarding the upcoming purchase, the company is able to execute any individual order, regardless of the requirements, complexity, or preferences. A large basket can be combined not only different colors and shades, but also exotic fruits, and small Souvenirs.

Hour delivery of flowers in Kyiv

Ordering flowers on the house Kyiv – is a convenient, effective and practical service from the company you choose not only because it has an affordable cost, but also as a pleasant and unexpected surprise for your beloved. When the courier shop presents a huge basket of flowers the woman who does not even know about the gift, it is the most unexpected, but pleasant emotions that remains in her memory.

On the official website of the online store 'Kvitochka' presents a variety of categories of goods and services that are offered to each client. To clarify all the details, on the website there is a special form of communication with a counselor online, where any buyer can ask questions, allowing better and faster to make a decision about buying a certain kind of flower basket at an attractive and affordable cost.

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