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Toys faux-3d roses delivery in Kyiv and region

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Buy Mishka faux-3d rose – means to give a loved one a storm of positive emotions! This unusual gift is becoming more popular due to its originality and brightness.

Baskets and bouquets with fresh flowers is also not hand over their positions, but the bear from 3d rose is a truly amazing gift that will appreciate every woman, regardless of age. Perfect gift for birthday, March 8, or any other significant event. Your significant other will appreciate the tender and gentle feelings that you Express this gift. It is both a fun toy and a bouquet of small pink roses.

The bear rose, as a decorative element

Mishka 'Teddy Bear' known and loved throughout the world. Many companies are trying to create an analogue of the toys or to bring in something new. Teddy bear – a favorite of girls and children for over 20 years.

Each piece is created from 3D flowers. The manufacture of one product can take up to 500 elastic, soft colors created with 3D printing technology. Thanks to the hand Assembly ensures strength and absence of gaps.

Form designed by professional designers who use innovative latex roses. This is a unique hypoallergenic material. The products are ecologically safe. The composition is in the form of a bear gives aesthetic and tactile pleasure. Roses made from soft, velvety material that I want to touch again and again. You can buy the product in different color options.

A nice gift that will be remembered for a long time

Bear with heart, faux-3d rose today is a gift, a symbol of affection, delight and love. It can give not only his girlfriend, but also the child. This souvenir has serious advantages over the usual bouquets and toys, here they are:

  • Flawless appearance and original design,
  • Handmade 100%
  • Latex, which does not cause allergies and are safe for health,
  • The product for many years retains its original shape,
  • Easy to care for.

Souvenir is striking in its loveliness. It is ideal for romantic girls who expect from their chosen one unexpected sign of attention. Bears of roses handmade decorated with contrasting ribbon, which is tied to the neck. Color and size it is better to specify in advance.

Make no mistake: 'pet' will not go unnoticed in the pile of other gifts, if you present it on birthday. He fall in love with from the first seconds, attracting the special structure, shape and color. If care to care for the product, avoiding direct ultraviolet rays, the souvenir will please you very long, perfectly fit into any space.

Online purchasing is simple and convenient

Hurry up to give unforgettable emotions of happiness and joy to your loved ones, coworkers or relatives. This gift available to everyone! In order to acquire it quickly and without hassle, it is better to use the online ordering. It will save you time and money. To order will take only a minute. The consultant will help in choosing if the need arises.

Bears of roses in Kyiv cheap you can buy quite easily. Contact the company that works for a long time on the market and has positive reviews. Remember that not always the high price is a sign of high quality. Often, companies deliberately increase the price. Make your choice in favor of the company that offers flowers with delivery in Kyiv and Kyiv region. You will not regret purchasing this amazing souvenir!

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