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Bouquets and arrangements for Easter to buy in Kyiv on favorable terms

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Bouquet of daisy-shaped chrysanthemums 51 branches

6 450 грн.

790 грн.

14 900 грн.

35 white roses

2 675 грн. 2 390 грн.

3 990 грн.

2 990 грн.

2 990 грн.

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Floral heart with macaroons No. 4

1 990 грн.

4 890 грн.

The glorious feast of Easter we celebrate every year in the spring. Christians prepare for it very carefully, clean their houses, bake or buy cakes, make krashanki. In addition, came into Vogue to give the families and friends of flowers or sweet bouquets for Easter. There are many variants of such compositions, they surprise with their originality and beauty.

What flowers decided to give for Easter

When choosing flowers for this holiday, don't forget about the Easter traditions and symbolism. Florists suggest to choose spring plants to create compositions, they give rebirth and symbolize the beginning of life. According to the biblical stories among the main shades of Easter is:

  • red and its variations. Red roses, tulips, carnations in bouquets are a symbol of resurrection and endless life eternal;
  • the white shade. Daisies, lilies, lilies, white roses, chrysanthemums signify cleansing, Holiness, joy;
  • blue or blue. Irises, hydrangeas, cornflowers – they convey the color of the sky, hope, light thoughts, faith in God;
  • yellow is the color of spirituality, sun, health and longevity. Suitable tulips, gerberas, lilies, chrysanthemums;
  • shades of green – leaves and stems in bouquets is the blossoming of all life, hope, and rejuvenation.

You can flowers for Easter purchase in Kyiv inexpensively, in advance pobespokoytes about the bouquet and order it, because on the eve of the always growing number of customers in the shop. Usually when making Easter bouquets used in one composition several types of colors and shades, make them colorful, but not challenging and not too bright.

Composition for the Light holiday of Easter

On this day, as we know, all believers go to Holy cakes, krashanki, and other products to the Church, collect a rich Easter basket. Online flower shop offers its customers original and delicious bouquets for Easter chocolate.

Compositions are made from the best chocolates from all known manufacturers. Sweets are placed in baskets or hat boxes of bouquets, using a variety of decor, flowers, candles. Produce Easter composition not only of the sweets, for this purpose:

  • fruits – apples, bananas, oranges, pineapples, grapes;
  • alcoholic drinks – wine or champagne;
  • delicious cakes, macaroons, cakes;
  • the flowers make interesting figures of plants.

Order flowers in Kyiv and Kyiv region for Easter, choosing a suitable floral arrangement. Bouquet delivered at the specified address. The courier will bring with him a greeting card, give warmest greetings from relatives.

Easter bouquets for the loved ones

On Easter day we want to congratulate the parents, children, mate, to give them joy and to fill your life with bright pleasant events. Not always possible to gather ' round the table, relatives can be far away from each other.

You will come to the aid - Internet-shop of flowers 'Kvitochka'. Even if you're outside the capital or simply are not able to visit personally, family, order them on the website salon Easter compositions of any kind. The eyes of the native will Shine with happiness if they get a day of Light Easter greetings to you in the form of a bouquet of spring flowers or a bouquet of chocolates, compositions of fruit. For the convenience of customers and recipients effective delivery of flowers in Kyiv around the clock. To use the service, it is necessary to call the salon or simply to arrange on request, make an advance payment for the goods.

In a flower shop has everything to create unique Easter bouquets, so all your wishes florists will realize. Tell us what you'd like to put in a festive basket, what flowers to use. If you need help, specialists will help determine the choice. Give joy and smiles on holidays and weekdays favourite and native people.

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