Flowers by 1 September and for the teachers Day with delivery in Kiev

11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colors in the hat box. Height 25 cm, diameter - 18 cmPeony r..

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17 al Dutch roses in a translucent package.You want to confess your feelings and do not know how to ..

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21 white rose in a hatbox"Bouquet of white roses, love is in each lobe", with the author of the song..

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51 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix in a hatbox. The height of the composition - 40 cm, diameter is ..

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101 rose mix, red and white, height 70 cmPure white color symbolizing the purity of the bride, was t..

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Mixed bouquet in a hat box of roses, daisies, Alstroemeria and decor. Height - 30 cm, diameter 25 cm..

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A classic bouquet of roses varieties "Grand Prix" of the Ukrainian producer in number of 11 pieces w..

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51 White rose varieties 'white Naomi' in the hat box. The total height of the composition - 50 cm di..

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Bouquet of roses, eustomas, chrysanthemums and decor, make the order of flowers across Kiev immediat..

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Flowers by 1 September and for the teachers Day with delivery in Kiev

Bouquets for teachers

There are two significant days of the year for all students, their parents and numerous teachers and other school employees. This, of course, about the holiday on 1 September, followed a month later followed by teacher's Day. For some, September 1 is a special day when they go to the first class. An integral attribute of the first autumn day is the abundance of flowers. Perhaps only the 8th of March can bet on the number of bunches from 1 September. In these two days, the number of colors on the streets of any city are just outrageous. Order delivery of bouquet to September 1 teacher's Day from the staff of the salon Kvitochka. Florists of this company are prepared to the major autumn holidays a whole range of different bouquets. Type in the search box query: bouquets of Kiev, visit the website of an online store Kvitochka and choose the favorite bouquet.

Tips for choosing bouquets on the 1st of September and for the teachers Day

In the preparation of fruit compositions for 1 September and bouquets to florists take into account a number of features to keep in mind and parents collecting their children to school. You need to consider that your child will not be able to stand for long with a massive bouquet in hand, especially because behind him there is a backpack with textbooks. So perfectionism when choosing a bouquet for a school festival is clearly contraindicated. Besides, it is necessary to think about the teachers. When teachers get dozens of bouquets, they need to somehow cope with them. Therefore, the composition of 51 or 101 roses here clearly would be inappropriate. In addition, these bouquets are more expensive than more modest composition, but if you want to give flowers to several teachers, it is necessary to fit into the budget.

If you need to send flowers to September 1 or on teacher's Day in Kyiv inexpensively, you can now call in advance to discuss all with the experts of the company Kvitochka. A distinctive feature of the company is that delivery of bouquets in Kiev around the clock. You can get your bouquet at any time agreed in advance when placing the order. It remains only to choose the one bouquet. Couriers deliver bouquets not only throughout the capital of Ukraine and Kiev region. Selecting a gift bouquet for the teacher, especially if you do not know about his preferences, it is better to stick to the classics. But this does not mean that your bouquet should be standard, and not to stand out from the dozens of other floral arrangements donated by other students.

The choice of varieties of flowers for a bouquet by September 1 and for the teachers Day

You also need to ensure that the composition of the bouquet didn't take strong-smelling plants, even if your child does not suffer from allergies. Keep in mind that the child will have to hold the bouquet throughout the entire line, and around him will face other children who may not respond to strong smells. Therefore, from the exotic flowers should be abandoned, opting for classic roses or autumn asters, chrysanthemums or gerberas. The palette must be autumn, with a predominance of yellow, red, orange shades. For the young teacher it is better to choose a lighter bouquet, and for experienced teachers the composition of red, purple or Burgundy color. If your teacher is male, then a great choice will be dahlias or gladioli. If we talk about the number of colors in the bouquet, then the optimal solution will be from three to seven flowers. Professional florists Kvitochki will help you create the bouquet you want or select any of the presented on the site. The company Kvitochka is the optimal solution for those who are interested in ordering flowers to Kiev. You can call anytime!