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Flowers to the birth of a child with delivery in Kyiv and region

A bright bouquet of peony roses and orchids

1 990 грн.

Bright bouquet with peony roses, tulips and orchids in purple tones.Our wor..

101 red rose 100 cm

4 990 грн.5 990 грн.

101 red rose 100 cm.Sometimes, to impress his beloved, or to beg forgivenes..

101 rose mix "Drop"

2 990 грн.

101 rose mix of red and white flowers with a height of 60 cm.Order and buy ..

101 Tulip iris

3 390 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips and blue irises in quantity 101 piecesAesthetically..

101 white rose in a hatbox

3 390 грн.

101 white rose in a hatbox.Romantic gift - big rose bouquet for girls. With..

Bouquet of roses Grand Prix 11 pieces

695 грн.855 грн.

A classic bouquet of roses varieties "Grand Prix" of the Ukrainian producer..

101 red rose height 60 cm

3 290 грн.3 970 грн.

101 red rose height 60 cm, diameter of 55/60.A huge bouquet of 101 red rose..

101 red rose "Red Naomi" 100 cm

4 990 грн.5 990 грн.

101 red rose "Red Naomi", height 100 cmThe magic of the red rose - symbol o..

Roses in a hat box Nocturne

995 грн.1 475 грн.

It is a worthy bouquet to gift a special memorable Day. Arrangement contain..

The Fire Of Love

2 690 грн.

The composition in this modern European style. Consists of 29 gorgeous red ..

101 velvet rose varieties Grand Prix

3 790 грн.

101 velvet rose varieties "Grand Prix". Height - 70 cm, diameter - 60.This ..

51 lilac Tulip in a box

2 290 грн.

51 purple peony Tulip in a hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 45.Good bouq..

Bouquet in a hatbox Picturesque

1 490 грн.

Mixed bouquet in a hat box of roses, daisies, Alstroemeria and decor. Heigh..

Contrast 251 bouquet rose

7 750 грн.

A contrast bouquet 251 Rosa, height - 70/80 cmGorgeous bouquets of roses re..

11 peony spray roses in a box

995 грн.1 295 грн.

11 peony spray roses pale pink (powder) colours in the hat box. Height 25 c..

A bouquet of white roses 101 "white Naomi"

2 390 грн.2 990 грн.

A large bouquet of white roses in the amount of 101 units and a height of 5..

Great team basket 'To the Wedding'

2 790 грн.

Huge flower basket in bright colours. Consists of roses, lisanthus (or alst..

White tulips 41 PCs

1 555 грн.1 895 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips in a modern package 41 PCs.41 a bouquet of white tu..

101 white rose "Avalanche", height: 60 cm

2 990 грн.

101 white rose "Avalanche", height 60 cmBouquet white flowers always look a..

15 metre roses (freedom, Ecuador)

1 290 грн.1 675 грн.

15 meters of red roses (freedom, Ecuador).If you want to surprise your othe..

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What a joyous occasion! The amount of crazy emotions, the excitement, the mood... at this moment young people are faced with a new role, a new responsibility to be PARENTS.

This magical day, the young family will remember with a special thrill. After the birth of a child is a special holiday that is important for you to prepare. Bouquets to the birth of the child should be beautiful and special. And look for several options.

Look for flowers? Whom to give?

  • Mom. She is 9 months were the crumbs under the breast, gave him life. Of course, it was hard for her. Therefore, as a sign of love and respect prepare a beautiful bouquet. So, who will talk about your appreciation, great respect.

  • Doctor. He delivered and did everything possible to make mom and baby feel comfortable.

  • Midwife. She helped the miracle happen, and on her shoulders was a big responsibility.

  • Grandmother. Now they will have to try on a new role. The older generation always with a special fondness for children, and often on holiday we see the tears of happiness in their eyes. Therefore, grandparents should make a separate floral arrangement to congratulate them with a new social status. The online flower shop is ready to offer unusual options for all those who are in any way associated with the family holiday.

ATTENTION! You can place an order for delivery of flowers in the store, and every day the courier will deliver the bouquet. This will allow a newly minted mom to feel that she is not alone she has her family and friends, to whom you can always rely on. Interesting composition will cause a pleasant smile on the girl's face, despite the tiredness after childbirth and the hassle with a newborn. Flower delivery Kyiv is doing almost the happiest city on earth in which miraculous events occur.

The hospital is a secure facility where should be the conditions of high sterility. Therefore, it is not allowed of anxious fathers, and other relatives and friends. In addition, doctors are wary of colors. No exotic plants, flowers with bright smell or the huge amount of pollen: they can cause allergies in newborns. Order flowers to Kiev takes into account this fact and is usually advised to choose moderate options of flower arrangements.

As bouquet for maternity hospitals you can choose:

  • Chic roses.

  • Delicate gerberas.

  • Lovely chrysanthemum.

Ask what kind of flowers your girl likes, and then be happy to create an interesting composition. By the WAY! In the prenatal and postnatal bustle of the heads of the family (and the head mommy) scored a variety of questions: how to find all the documents, what to bring to hospital, as not to forget anything... So very often family members forget to bring a vase. And without a beautiful bouquet just dies. What to do in this situation? How to take care of everything? Well here is the solution! Order flowers in the basket. They eyes will delight, and without a vase safely live. At birth girls choose basket pink. At the birth of a boy prefer the basket blue. Additionally, they can be tied with pink or blue ribbons, decorated with drawings, soft toys and many others.

The birth of a child is a special event in the life of any family. For this reason, it is important for you to choose for the best holiday options. We on behalf of our store we wish happiness to your family and congratulations on your new status. You will be wonderful parents, wonderful grandparents, and a gentle grandfather. Pleasant experiences!