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Flowers for Wedding Day to order in Kyiv with delivery

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101 scarlet low rose

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101 white rose "Avalanche" 60 sm

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A bouquet with daisies is universal

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25 red roses in a hat box

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An airy bouquet with hydrangeas

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Bouquets of flowers on their wedding anniversary

Most couples, wedding anniversaries marriage. One of the common ways to celebrate this joyous occasion - a bouquet of flowers. Usually a bouquet for my wife gives the husband, but if the celebration invite guests, each of them also brings their flowers.

How to look like a bouquet? It depends on how many years pass from the day of the wedding, the composition can be as big and luxurious, and classic and modest. You need to understand what the bouquet needed if you are invited to celebrate the wedding anniversary of their friends and what flowers to choose. Demand of lilies, white roses, chrysanthemums.

Please note, the date on which you are invited. If it is not circular, and refers to the so-called current (for example, 12 years from the day of the wedding), so the pair gives the value of this date to your friends is very important. They can pay tribute to the traditions. Find out what gifts are welcome on this date as it is called. We now describe.

What are the wedding anniversary

Calico - 1 year

Welcome small gifts, small bouquets of simple flowers like daisies. Symbolic will happen if the bouquet will be wrapped in calico or calico tied with a handkerchief.

Paper - 2 years

Select a small, but lush flowers (cornflowers, tulips or roses), wrap the bouquet in special paper. Avoid using foil wrapping must be paper - from the name of the anniversary.

Leather is the third anniversary of the

You can make a bouquet of any color, preferably in the form of a semicircle, but it is important that he was tied with some accessory leather - strap, for example - or to present keychain with leather elements.

The fourth is called linen

Flowers for a bouquet are selected again simple, like those of daisies or tulips, you can take a small rose. As in the previous cases, it is impossible to do without a symbol of date: now the linen, wrap the flowers in a grid, woven from it.

Think wooden fifth anniversary

Five years and the first 'round' number. On this occasion we select the already delicate arrangement of roses will be the place and here is also a good carnations or chrysanthemums. Of course, that here were the elements of the tree. The task is doable, and quite easy, since we are talking about plants: to be included in the composition of branches, roots, and products such as carved wooden figurines. A great option is to give fresh flowers in a wooden pot.

When the date of marriage is seven years, it is called a copper wedding

And here again is the best play on the traditional gift of a bouquet: you can present it in a copper vase, and just to give a couple cookware of copper. The color of the bouquet, preferably yellow.

Tin - 8 years

It is desirable to give the couple the bouquet cold tones. As a gift appropriate to the ice bucket made of tin.

Tenth date has two names: tin or pink for that matter

Your task is to pick up the flowers, so that more appropriate second option. Of course, it has to be roses. It is better to take a luxury composition in the basket. The minimum number of colors - 9.

Is his name, and the 11th anniversary - steel

The bouquet back into the cold colors, the ideal is to combine blue and white.

Twelve years - porcelain or Nickel. Gave couple product from these materials. By the way, this is again a reason for the colors in the pot. Or in a vase. You can buy a vase and immediately put the flowers.

13 years of marriage is symbolized by the laces

The best gift would be roses or tulips tied with a lace ribbon.

Agate - 14 years

Plants will suit dark colors such as Burgundy roses.

Again an occasion to present a bouquet in a vase, when your friends will be married 15 years is a crystal or glass wedding. Put it roses, carnations or lilies.

If the couple have been together for two decades, this date is considered to be porcelain

Gift idea: set of said material, a beautiful bouquet of white flowers.

Twenty-five years - silver wedding anniversary that is usually celebrated in a big way

Made to give great composition of an unusual flower and orchids are appropriate, and those lilies, and even bamboo! A flower bouquet for a silver wedding will be bright and memorable.

30 years - pearl

A bouquet to her to remind about the pearls. For example, to be composed of white roses and chrysanthemums.

Do not live in Ukraine, and your friends celebrate the anniversary of a joint life? Order flowers delivery to Kiev cheap! Non-stop Internet shop 'Kvitochka' will provide services for the selection of songs on any date.

Finally the time has come when two hearts in a passionate rush of love confessed to each other and made a promise to spend time with each other until the end of days. Bridesmaid dress, wedding dress, room, camera, photo shoots – so much to do! But don't forget the bouquet: beautiful arrangement can add to the festive images of new colors and shades. And every guest who comes to the wedding, bring a charming floral arrangement. It will be a symbol of delicate and touching love, the strange feelings that suddenly erupted among those who will appear before the altar.

But how to choose the right song for the upcoming events?

The bride is constantly worried: what to choose flowers as a charming bouquet? Florists recommend to start from the following criteria:

  1. The resistance of plants (because you have to go with a bouquet the whole day).

  2. Seasonality (spring topical lilac, autumn, beautiful look gorgeous asters).

  3. Varieties of plants (there are varieties of 'soft' colors, which are able to withstand the serious load, keeping warm beauty and charm for the whole day).

  4. The colors and size of flowers. Each flower in the composition is truly unique. You also have to choose the best bouquets for the wedding Day.

At a meeting with a specialist in the wedding decor and be sure to tell the florist about your favorite colors, style of wedding, invitees and other subtleties. This will allow you to choose the perfect option, and it will look perfectly on all family photographs. The online flower shop is ready to provide you a huge range of perfect plants. You only have to choose one.

ATTENTION! You might think: 'Oh! Well, what is it?'. It is not so simple, because the flower is a continuation of the style and character of the bride. It reflects the taste, mood, personality and becomes a natural complement of the image pair. And our flower delivery Kyiv this is one of the most stylish cities, where every bride is charming and impeccable.

Select a General style of the wedding

A bouquet created to be one of the 'particles' a vivid mosaic.

The style you choose for yourself. For Bohemian characterized by the use of a huge number of flowers and feathers; sea – an abundance of shells, delicate strands of pearls and more; for berry – fruits, berries, vegetables and other 'Goodies'. Order flowers to Kyiv makes it possible to choose any colors and any shades of

Pay attention to the dress

The more simple dress of the bride, the more you can experiment with décor, wedding bouquets, flowers and their shape. If you have a magnificent and unusual dress, it should complement a simple bouquet. But the combination of 'chic bouquet – gorgeous dress' creates a feeling as if 'something'

The size and shape

They are chosen based on the style of dress, the bride hairstyle and other characteristics. Here is one important task – to create a harmonious image. It is necessary that the bouquet didn't seem too small/large in the background of the bride, was not a 'strange thing', which is generally not the place.

Our advice on choosing bouquets for brides

  1. Small bouquets are a great option for petite brides.

  2. Tall and slim beauty in a dress cut in a formfitting will accentuate the beauty of the cascading shape of the bouquet (especially if the cascade is pronounced).

  3. If you choose long dresses of a straight cut, then a great option would be bunches of medium size and round shape.

Be the most charming and happiest bride at the wedding, because there are still so many events!

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