Christmas composition, Christmas gift sets and baskets

New year at the door, but not decided or not to have your apartment? Then the Christmas songs is exa..

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Christmas gift set, consists of champagne ('the city'), fruits(pineapple, pomegranate, tangerines), ..

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The new year is a celebration of fun, making plans and forming expectations. 31 December is a specia..

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The smell of tangerines and spruce, the white flakes falling outside the window, the gifts — it conj..

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What creates the atmosphere of holiday? Correct, decoration. Christmas songs allow you to be in anti..

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Gift baskets will be of much pleasure for each the fairer sex, especially if it is a combination of ..

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Gorgeous gift basket of chocolates, artificial flowers and decor.Gift baskets will never leave you i..

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Wicker basket with fruits and flowers - a great gift for a loved one color. The elegant decor makes ..

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Gift baskets are always able to brighten any celebration, make it unique and memorable. A vivid exam..

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A large flower basket. Consists of hydrangeas, cotton, roses, eustomas and greenery. Height - 40 cm,..

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Large basket with flowers and gifts (candy, pineapple). Height - 60 cm, diameter 50 cmIn the eve of ..

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The original basket as a gift for the New year. Consists of Artyomovsk champagne 'Brut Crimea', cho..

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Stylish Christmas gift basket. Consists of Italian sparkling wine 'Canti', candy, candles, orchids, ..

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The original basket as a gift for the New year. Consists of Artyomovsk champagne 'Brut Crimea' candy..

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Christmas gift set, consists of champagne ('the city'), chocolates, ate and decor.Wonderful champagn..

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Fun flower toy in the form of a snowman. Used in the manufacture of chrysanthemum romashkovidnye. Th..

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Original gift basket for the New year as a Christmas gift. Consists of the 'Artemovsk' of champagne,..

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The original basket as a Christmas gift. Consists of Cava Spanish champagne, chocolates ('Ferrero Ro..

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The original basket as a gift for the New year. Consists of Artyomovsk champagne 'Brut Crimea', cand..

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Christmas gift set, consists of champagne ('the city'), candles, eating and decoration. Meet favorit..

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Christmas composition, Christmas gift sets and baskets
  • The arrival of the New Year in our country decided to celebrate the abundance of the holiday table and beautiful design homes, institutions, offices, rooms, desks... And we can not do without Christmas songs, enchanting, stylish, certainly smelling of Christmas tree or a pine tree.
  • The basis of any Christmas song is, of course, needles. Everything else is a figment of Your imagination! Bright toys, cones, spices,nuts, fruits, flowers, all kinds of Christmas decorations, dried flowers, glitter, ceramic figurines,candle holders and more! Christmas composition can decorate Your table, fireplace, shelf, arch, column, chest, anything... and the front door decorated with Christmas wreath symbolizing prosperity at home and happiness in the family, but also as the invitation guests. Christmas wreath made from pine branches, it is woven in satin ribbon, decorated with balls, toys, cones, nuts...
  • You can choose the style of Your Christmas songs. What do You want to see there? In no way, shape, dimensions, content, color gamut of Christmas songs will help You experienced florists company 'Kvitochka'.
  • Now let's talk about the attributes and traditions. Well, when the Christmas songs are candles, bells, balls, nuts, candy, fruits (dried fruits). Candle in modern floristry is a very important attribute, it will be a highlight of Your Christmas songs, bole so that the candle is the symbol of victory of light over darkness, it praises the light of Jesus. The bell is a symbol of Christmas (the gospel), Church bells ringing praises the coming of Christ in all the world, and the globe symbolize the Apple (tree of knowledge). Contact the experts at our shop, and the composition for the New year will become a living figment of Your imagination. Celebrate New Year with stunning, unique Christmas song, composed, respectively, of the traditions of the professional florists!
  • Don't forget about your friends, employees, business associates and people that You know! After all, the most relevant gifts for the New year - it just is Christmas bouquets and arrangements, Christmas wreaths, and gift baskets filled with fruit, sweets, drinks... Make them happy with the unexpected delivery of a symbolic, original, unusual Christmas songs, because the New year is a magical holiday gifts, surprises, pleasant experiences and joyful surprises!
  • In the directory section of 'the Christmas song' presents the work of our florists. However, this is not all that capable employees of our salon. You can make the personal order, relying on the professionalism of our company, and believe me, we will not disappoint You! Your Christmas song is unique and individually Yours!


  • As a new year corporate gifts in recent years have become very relevant tastefully decorated Christmas gift sets. They are good just the fact that practical because it can contain drinks, fruits, sweets, flowers and even soft toys, and at the same time, not beaten. Of course, the originality of this masterpiece on the artist, therefore, it is better to trust a professional designer or florist.
  • Usually Christmas gift sets are packaged in a beautiful wicker basket and, of course, for decorative use spruce branches. This gives them an image of the upcoming holiday. Usually, new year gift baskets are assembled according to the estimates provided by the customer. And it is necessary to consider all the details: what drink should be present, what fruits and sweets should be preferred, or will it be purely food, not having in its composition of sweet. We should not forget that the price of Your Christmas gift basket depends on its components. Working with our company, You can trust the Manager to prepare for You a list of ingredients that are included in Your Christmas gift sets, specifying the budget and Your preferences. As far as the quality and originality of design, it is better to rely on the skill and imagination of our professional florists!
  • We are grateful to You for the trust in the provision of services!