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Bouquets with an apology to order in Kyiv and the region

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101 red rose variety Red Naomi height 80 cm

9 490 грн. 7 990 грн.

5 990 грн.

25 scarlet high roses with decoration

2 770 грн. 2 190 грн.

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A bouquet with daisies is universal

1 990 грн.

Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

5 590 грн. 4 990 грн.

1 390 грн.

1 950 грн.

8 990 грн.

3 990 грн.

2 590 грн.

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25 red roses in a hat box

2 195 грн.

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An airy bouquet with hydrangeas

2 990 грн.

Hurt girl/mother/colleague? Want to apologize, but don't know how you would be better to do it? We all make mistakes. In the world there are no perfect people, and all do things sometimes that we regret. How can I fix the 'herd'? What are the methods out of the situation? Flowers – the perfect alternative that will allow you to say a little more than usual. A beautiful bouquet, presented in honor of the apology will win forgiveness.

Often to admit his guilt so difficult (especially for men who are not used to apologize and beg forgiveness). Perhaps you, too, can't find the words to say soft and gentle: 'I'm Sorry...'? Then a online flower shop 'Kvitochka' will help you to apologize quickly.

What colors can whisper, 'Sorry...'?

  • Roses.

  • Violets.

  • Gerbera.

  • Calla.

  • Lily and many others.

Of course, much depends on who is addressed flowers of misconduct for which brought an apology, and other niceties. Especially for you we have selected a list of colors for any occasion.

You hurt romantic girl, showing indiscretion in words or actions

It's time to ask for her forgiveness! What flowers are appropriate for an apology? Immediately rejected Calla lilies, large roses and lilies. This is the usual bouquets, which are hardly touched her heart. But Alstroemeria is rare for our latitude the flower fit perfectly. Gentle and pleasant aroma of plants charms, tiny flowers directly permeated with a special atmosphere and pleasant exotic. But amazingly not only it. And the fact that Alstroemeria is able to please a huge number of shades, tints from one flower to another. The girl who will receive this bouquet, it certainly can feel like a magician, the amazing fairy who came down from heaven.

You blame the wife/girlfriend are in a relationship

Elegant bouquet for this beauty may not be the best option. Therefore, many prefer baskets. This composition, which can be combined with soft pink gerberas, snow-white chrysanthemum and noble Calla. But by the end of the song, the logical 'piece' will be a soft toy, sweets, or anything else. The heart of the beautiful can melt very soon!

The classic option for all occasions

Classic bouquet – the ideal form of apology. It should not be a centimeter of extraneous things. To say the bouquet: 'I'm Sorry, dear!', need to pick up roses. With them, flowers delivery to Kyiv makes the city in which he lives mood and happiness. Lush bouquet, a tissue paper, no extra embellishments – this is eternal classic floral. Classic bouquet for apology should not have anything extraneous, except for the luxurious flowers that are a true proof of the sincerity of feelings and remorse. Many women can't resist such a charm.

For your creative halves

She likes unusual things? Then, for it will have to look for an unusual bouquet. Fortunately, ordering flowers Kyiv is much simplified. All you need to do is call our store and choose a special version of the bouquet. If you have difficulty in this, our florists will help to make the right choice and find the best option.

Flowers – a great help especially for those occasions when you need to ask forgiveness for the committed actions. The heart of the beautiful can thaw easily, and you will be able to return to the relationship, make amends, nicely to apologize to the one who lives in your heart, which is dear and loved. The staff of the company 'Kvitochka' will help choose the perfect song for such occasions!

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