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To order bouquets for Valentine's Day in Kyiv

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5 990 грн.

25 scarlet high roses with decoration

2 770 грн. 2 190 грн.

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A bouquet with daisies is universal

1 790 грн.

Bouquet 101 white roses of medium length

4 490 грн. 3 790 грн.

1 390 грн.

1 750 грн.

5 990 грн.

3 790 грн.

2 590 грн.

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25 red roses in a hat box

1 970 грн. 1 550 грн.

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An airy bouquet with hydrangeas

2 990 грн.

1 690 грн.

3 990 грн.

Bouquets on Valentine's Day – most popular gift, the token and the opportunity to say: 'I really like You!'. But the most daring can even make a Declaration of love. So that the heart will beat out of my chest, the widest range of emotions engulf you and will affect a fountain of passion. Flowers delivery to Kyiv on this day of celebration fills a special atmosphere of love, of light mood and desire to create. They say that love is the feeling which fills the hearts of poets, artists, wordsmiths, and many others. This feeling is able to drive you crazy and push crazy things.

Why you need to prepare bouquets for February 14?

The history of the holiday goes back to ancient times, when the throne sat the Emperor and did weird orders. One of these was Claudius II. In the III century the Roman Emperor, he wrote a special decree forbidding men to marry. The warlord believed that feelings and family life impact on military service, doing warriors romantic and tender (a must to make them fierce and furious). But one priest continued to conduct secret wedding ceremonies for all those who came to him. When the enraged Emperor learned of this, gave orders to throw the poor in prison, and after prison – to execute. So the priest of Ancient Rome became the founder of a pleasant holiday where it is customary to confess the feelings. Maybe it's time for you to do this?

How to confess your love in the gentle language of flowers?

It turns out that the language of flowers – this is your opportunity to tell your loved one a little more than you can Express with words. And for our readers we have made a dazzling selection of colors and compositions that you can give your favorite.

Lilies of the valley. Natural beauty, delicate fragrance and snow-white color of plants is able to melt the heart of any beauty. Spring flowers – a sign of delicate feelings, and the song will be the most sincere recognition. You can be sure that the bunch will appreciate. And the girl who will receive this bouquet will feel for a few moments a real fairy from a beautiful fairytale.

Roses. Traditional flower, which tells the story of passion, love. On this festive day, ordering flowers to Kyiv makes a very special city, which reveals the bright buds of plants.

Exotic flowers. For a special girl you want to confess the feelings want to choose unusual plants. A beautiful bouquet of Calla lilies will allow it for a few seconds to feel like a Queen for which you are willing to literally everything. The girl will appreciate violet and Lily (if she likes soft and gentle flowers). The online flower shop is ready to offer you some options!

ATTENTION! Did you know that Valentine's day is to be congratulated not only lovely ladies, but also representatives of a strong half of mankind? For favorite male, you can choose an arrangement of tulips, as they are considered a universal gift. Charming and delicate bouquet will allow you a hint about the feelings that you have not dared to admit. Flowers will give you even in the coldest day of the bright mood for the wave of holiday will be unusual and original greeting that will bring to life the beloved half tiny ray of sunshine and ball of happiness.

Shop flowers 'Kvitochka' will allow you to choose the best gifts for loved ones, confess the innermost feelings, timid to say: 'I Love you' and to inspire new adventures. With us you will be able to get more than expected. More than I could. More than I thought. The world of colors next! Allow yourself the enjoyment of them!

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