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Ritual wreath of red roses and decorative greenery No. 64 Height 170cm

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  • Product Code:  Ритуальний вінок № 64 Висота 170см
Funeral wreath of red roses and decorative greenery. Height 170 cm, diameter - 60. The death of a loved one or loved one plun..More
7 290 грн.
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Funeral wreath of red roses and decorative greenery. Height 170 cm, diameter - 60.

The death of a loved one or loved one plunges us into confusion and confusion. It is difficult for us to think, thoughts are confused in the head, and the eyes do not see anything because of tears. In such a situation, reliable support is needed, the Kvitochka studio is considered a good helper. Decent people do not attend funerals empty-handed - beautiful wreaths of live fresh roses will be appropriate. To order a composition of perfect quality inexpensively in Kyiv is a non-alternative step.

The assortment of the online store has an abundance of worthy offers, the described option is in demand more often than others. Everyone is satisfied with the justified cost and impeccability of branded goods. A special benefit of cooperation with the service is the delivery of live wreaths in Kyiv to the ceremony venue at the exact time indicated.

The client saves energy, organizes a funeral, and reassures relatives. It's more rational than moving through a city of millions with a big wreath. Even having a car does not always solve the problem.

And it is also attractive that in the Kvitochka studio you can buy funeral wreaths online in Kyiv and pay by card. This method helps out business travelers, migrant workers, and the military. You can always use a credit limit and not look for borrowed funds. The management of the company is constantly improving the service and doing everything to alleviate the suffering of the mourners.

семья Костюренко

Венок заказывали на похороны дедушки. Нам понравился сервис студии «Квиточка», курьеры доставили свежие цветы – придраться было не к чему. Спасибо, что не опоздали и исполнили все договорённости.

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