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Funeral flowers: funeral wreaths, bouquets, baskets

Funeral wreath No. 32 Height 170cm

4 990 грн.

Wreaths for a funeral is an integral attribute of the modern funeral proces..

Funeral bouquet with red roses No. 8

1 290 грн.

Funeral bouquet with red roses and greenery. Posted by the cascade. Number ..

Large funeral basket of roses Gran Pri

3 990 грн.

Large funeral basket of 60 red roses of the Grand Prix. Height - 70cm, diam..

Funeral basket "Heart of roses"

2 970 грн.

Funeral basket of 40 red roses and assorted greenery. The height of the com..

Large funeral basket No. 22

3 890 грн.

Large funeral basket of roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, seasonal flowers and..

Funeral wreath "Сердце3" height 170 cm

4 890 грн.

Funeral wreath of red and white roses, height - 170 cm Fir not included in ..

Funeral wreath No. 108 (height 200 cm)

6 900 грн.

Funeral wreath of red roses No. 108 height 200 cm..

Large funeral basket with roses No. 23

4 490 грн.

Large funeral basket with roses (50 roses Grand Prix), chrysanthemums, lili..

Wreath with pine needles and cloves No. 92 (height 170 cm)

6 900 грн.

Funeral wreath with carnations and pine needles (height 170 cm).Luxury fune..

Wreath with pine needles № 91 (height 170 cm)

6 900 грн.

Funeral wreath with pine needles and red roses (height 170 cm).We offer a l..

Funeral wreath 'Heart' of Height 170 cm

4 990 грн.

Funeral wreaths are created in order to help man endure the pain of loss an..

Funeral wreath №24 Height 170cm

4 990 грн.

Probably one of the greatest achievements of modern floral design you see b..

Funeral basket with roses and lilies No. 24

1 690 грн.

Funeral basket with roses, lilies, assorted greenery. Includes seasonal pla..

Funeral wreath 'Heart2' height 170 cm

4 990 грн.

A wreath to the funeral of roses and orchids, height 170 cm.It will help to..

Funeral wreath No. 109 (height 220 cm)

11 900 грн.

Huge funeral wreath premium (height 220 cm)...

Funeral wreath No. 82 height 170 cm

4 890 грн.

Funeral wreath with a height of 170 cm of roses, lilies, seasonal flowers a..

Funeral wreath themed height 170 cm

5 490 грн.

Funeral wreath of roses and chrysanthemums, height 170 cm Theme, imitation ..

Large funeral basket No. 25

2 990 грн.

Large funeral basket with white roses, greenery and chrysanthemums. Height ..

70 red roses in a basket with a height of 60 cm

3 990 грн.

70 red roses in a basket with a height of 60 cm...

Funeral wreath No. 30 (Height 170cm)

4 990 грн.

Funeral wreaths are a grief, sorrow and pain, than not to drown. But that f..

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Since ancient times there is the Christian tradition to accompany the deceased in his last journey flowers. Care of a relative is an incomparable sorrow and in the day of the funeral will need funeral bouquets with delivery in Kiev, as well as funeral wreaths to commemorate the deceased.

Buy songs for a funeral best in a specialized flower shop. Florists of the company 'Kvitochka' will select the customer required wreaths by black ribbons with the words of sorrow from relatives, friends, colleagues at work.

The types of funeral songs

Flowers and wreaths on the day of burial – one of the ways to mitigate the pain of loss, sorrow on the one whom are no longer with us. In mourning floristry is most often used flowers such as roses, hydrangea, lilies, carnations. Also florists 'Kvitochki' use chrysanthemums, irises, hyacinths and herbs. These flowers symbolize the infinite sorrow and nevoconnect loss. In the catalogue of the florist shop you can choose funeral songs at an affordable price:

  • bouquets of flowers – they are placed on the grave or on a special stand. Basically, do them one-sided, decorated with mourning ribbons with inscriptions. They are the symbol of eternal mourning, represent the eternity of existence;
  • funeral wreaths of natural flowers – a symbolism on special supports, perform simple color palette. Use them for fresh flowers. They look very rich, talk about the special mourning of the dead;
  • funeral wreaths of artificial flowers. They are made from quality materials, they do not fade in the sun, not afraid of rain, long retain its original appearance. At a cost cheaper than an analogue of flowers;
  • can funeral basket buy in Kiev, to Express their grief for the deceased at the funeral. They lay the monuments, stelae, memorials. There are compositions used for the decoration of the funeral car procession;
  • flower arrangements at the request of the relatives of the deceased can be made in the form of a cross.

Funeral wreaths, bouquets or baskets order as in the day of the funeral, and on 9 and 40 days, in the year of death and on funeral days.

The color of mourning paraphernalia – the expression of grief and sorrow

Florists of the salon 'Kvitochka' are ready to make funeral wreaths in Kiev at any time, it does not depend on day of week and time of day. With a particular approach experts perform the funeral of the composition, given the value of each flower and its shade in the finished product:

  • red shades symbolize eternal love and the memory of the deceased, the inevitability of the beginning and end of life;
  • white flowers – the sadness and tears for the family man, who is no longer among the living, the transience of life, the irreversibility of the process;
  • blue tones in the compositions is a symbol of heaven, purity, grace, and purity, closeness to God;
  • Golden yellow buds symbolise the immortality of the soul, its rebirth, the cycle;
  • green branches and stems – the constant renewal of life, its continuation, eternity.

The wreath has a closed shape – oval, round or shaped. This expression of grief and sorrow, respect and eternal memory of the departed.

Guide to a world of human flowers

Traditional funeral wreaths, bouquets and baskets offers a catalogue of Internet-shop of flowers 'Kvitochka'. You can choose a ready-made composition. Also at the request of relatives, employees or friends of the deceased, florists will make wreaths, taking into account all their wishes. At the memorial ribbon will be the written word of grief from them.

Fast delivery of flowers in Kiev will allow the relatives of the deceased not to worry about how to pick up the order. Funeral song you bring to the specified address home, cemetery or the morgue – where you need. Wreath or basket can be delivered, even if you can't be at the funeral and last farewell to you dear man. Complete your application online and make payment, provide the address and date, when necessary attribute of mourning. Our couriers will fulfill your order quickly and on time.

The prices are moderate, order flowers to Kiev you can call us by phone. The salon is open around the clock, without days off and breaks. If you find it difficult to find the words, then your feelings will tell funeral wreaths or bouquets. They have become a farewell ceremony at the funeral.