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Funeral wreaths of artificial flowers

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Funeral wreaths – one of the attributes of the funeral. Traditionally, to conduct with colours, and this tradition has deep roots: the Slavs were sent the dead to the light, and fir legs, the greens served as a prototype of heaven. Since this tradition has carried over into the present. A wreath was solemnly placed on the grave and the head of the deceased can decorate the coffin, becoming a silent witness to grief and sorrow.

Funeral baskets and wreaths is one of the mandatory attribute. Some choose flowers, others prefer artificial compositions.

Why do we recommend you to select wreaths with artificial flowers?

  1. These flower arrangements much longer preserved in its original form, without losing shape and color.

  2. The black ribbon you can write the names of those from whom the wreath, to Express my grief, pain and sorrow.

  3. Funeral wreaths of artificial flowers long retain their shape and shades.

  4. The tomb, which is responsible for this wreath, looks neat and well-groomed.

  5. Funeral wreaths can be left in the coffin and flowers should be removed.

Funeral basket of flowers – if you would like to Express again the words of gratitude and appreciation, to show that the memory of the deceased will live for a long time.

What is important to know when ordering this wreath?

  1. Artificial funeral wreaths and wreaths of flowers consists of professional florists operating in the direction of funeral floristry.

  2. Wreath, basket or simply a bouquet of flowers should be bright. Typical colors used in the design of compositions - black, white, red (rarely green).

  3. It is advisable to sign a wreath with words of sorrow from friends and relatives, thereby expressing gratitude and respect.

  4. In the manufacture of materials from which to make a ritual of composition, using special polymers. Thanks to this chemical composition and fails to protect the product from fading in the sun. Therefore, funeral wreaths keep their appearance.

  5. Ordering a song, consider what kind of flowers the deceased liked, what colors he liked. Specialists make flower arrangements in accordance with the requirements and your wishes.

  6. Where to place funeral song: wreaths, baskets and bouquets? Usually on the grave, in the mortuary, post place of work, study or residence of the deceased.

  7. 40 days relatives and friends come to the cemetery to honor the name of a deceased person, will light the lamp of memory, bring forth new flowers. And then they will come out with the deceased again and again, to honor the memory of the departed to the light. And this will become the symbol of eternal memory.

Losing a loved one (regardless of reason) is painful. At such moments, words of comfort help, but not compensate the pain of the loss. Florists our salon is beautiful I will try to make his case. Case, the purpose of which is to preserve the memory of those who are dear and close to you. Our florists wholeheartedly approach the creation of each flower arrangements (real or faux flowers), so you can emphasize the memory of the departed - the most important thing that you have left. Keep the flame of memory in your hearts.

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