Funeral wreaths of natural flowers cheap delivery in Kiev

Wreaths for a funeral is an integral attribute of the modern funeral processions and funeral dates. ..

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Funeral wreath of red and white roses, height - 170 cm Fir not included in the standard composition ..

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Funeral wreath with carnations and pine needles (height 170 cm).Luxury funeral wreath with pine need..

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Funeral wreath with pine needles and red roses (height 170 cm).We offer a large funeral wreath with ..

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Funeral wreaths are created in order to help man endure the pain of loss and the deceased to Express..

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Probably one of the greatest achievements of modern floral design you see before your eyes. This wre..

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A wreath to the funeral of roses and orchids, height 170 cm.It will help to Express sorrow, to conve..

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Funeral wreath with a height of 170 cm of roses, lilies, seasonal flowers and decorative greenery.Be..

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Funeral wreath of roses and chrysanthemums, height 170 cm Theme, imitation of the flag of Georgia.Th..

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Funeral wreaths are a grief, sorrow and pain, than not to drown. But that funeral songs help people ..

4 590 грн.

A wreath to the funeral with a height of 170 cm of roses, lilies, seasonal flowers and decorative gr..

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Funeral wreath with pine needles, red roses, lilies, assorted greenery and seasonal flowers. (height..

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Wreath with pine needles, greens, Burgundy roses and seasonal flowers, height - 170 cmThe death of a..

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A funeral wreath of flowers , height 200 cm Consists of white roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and deco..

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A great funeral wreath of fresh flowers, height 200 cm Consists of red roses and decorative greenery..

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A great funeral wreath of roses, height 200 cmIf it's a huge mountain - it needs to survive. The los..

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Funeral wreaths are an inherent part of funeral processions. The proposed composition is made in a c..

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Funeral wreath of roses. Diameter - 70 cmHave those words and tokens, which could ease the pain of l..

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Funeral wreath with roses, hydrangeas, lilies and seasonal flowers. Diameter 50/55 cmElite funeral w..

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Funeral arrangement with orchids, roses, chrysanthemums and seasonal plants. Diameter - 50 cmStylish..

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Funeral wreaths of natural flowers  cheap delivery in Kiev

Flowers help to tell the world about feelings. Unfortunately, these feelings are not always filled with joy. Often there are troubles and misfortunes: the death of relatives, the pain of loss and quiet grief. Funeral wreaths of natural flowers help to Express feelings, to talk about gratitude to the deceased, about deep respect to him and soft love.

Of course, the flowers will not be able to mitigate the pain of loss. But they will be a symbol of remembrance and respect for relatives who has gone to another world; they become a symbol of support and understanding from those who mourn with you.

Common ritual and funeral baskets

Which floral is a symbol of loss and leaving in a different world? Most commonly used accessories created from coniferous breeds of a tree with small decorations interspersed with flowers. Why this combination? It's simple. The ancient Slavs was considered the color green, signifying the rebirth, return to life. Funeral basket of flowers becomes a symbol of eternity, reflect the mood of the relatives of the deceased, a melancholy and tranquility.

Popular compositions created in the form of a closed ring. They become the infinity symbol. It is a symbol of faith in what the person is gone, but his soul remained, and she will live forever.

To create funeral wreaths is not so easy, because on the shoulders of the florist have a special mission – to create an understated and full of emotion composition in full compliance with the desires of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Often asked to make the composition reflect a little of the life of the deceased, his favorite color, taste and other details.

When appropriate flowers and flower arrangements?

  • In the crematoria, which is preparing for the departure of the departed.

  • In the morgue, when the issue of the deceased.

  • Near the house of the deceased, at work.

  • In the cemetery.

  • In the funeral home.

Funeral wreaths of natural flowers become quiet expression of sorrow and emotions, about which it is impossible to be silent. But what subtleties it is important for you to keep in mind when choosing your ritual symbolism?

The details of the choice of wreaths and baskets

Choosing funeral wreaths, baskets and other compositions, be aware of important requirements.

  1. Fresh flowers can't stay in perfect shape for a long time due to the nature.

  2. When you select something again, remember that loved the deceased, which could become its symbol.

  3. Funeral wreaths and baskets have certain dimensions, so keep that in mind. If you have a long trip with them, it is better to order the delivery of the composition directly to the place of burial.

  4. To create a ritual accessories, use roses, carnations, green foot spruce or cypress. Color, shape and size are determined in accordance with your preferences.

  5. In addition to the wreath with fresh flowers can be attached to national symbols. It is possible to attach a black ribbon with the words of sorrow and words, from whom this arrangement.

Flowers can say a little more than words. This is what allows them to be used in funeral flowers to Express feelings of respect, soft, sorrow, deep grief and memory of who has gone to another world. Our florist listens attentively to the wishes of the relatives and friends of the departed to create a special composition. The one with which they will be able to carry out the deceased on his last journey, to Express gratitude for all that he has done for them.

This is a very difficult, hard, heart breaking into pieces. Hold on. The only thing you can do is to leave a bright memory about the past, preserve in thoughts his way and his way. Be brave. Take care of yourself and the memory of the one who was dear to you, someone you loved and respected.