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Funeral bouquets with delivery in Kiev and Kiev region

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From the earliest times flowers have always accompanied people in moments of joy and happiness and in the hours of sorrow and grief. No wedding or big celebration is not complete without beautiful bouquets in hands of brides or guests, and floral decorations of Banquet halls and cars. It complements the festive atmosphere and fills all the participants a pleasant positive emotions.

On the other hand, such a sad event like a funeral also can not do today without flowers. What is the role of bouquets of flowers or funeral wreaths in these moments? Why did they bring this time into the house or the cemetery? How did this tradition?

Funeral bouquets – more than decoration

Flowers at the funeral or the cemetery is a great tool, at least a little to smooth out the pain and grief of those who lost their loved one. But dipping into the past, it can be noted that in many peoples funeral wreaths and flowers was given much deeper meaning.

For example, Egypt was a huge number of beliefs, rituals, and traditions among which the funeral bouquets or individual flowers have played a large and meaningful value.

  • White Lily. Was a symbol of the transience of life.
  • Rose. Represented the perishability and fragility of the human body.
  • A rose Bud. Was the infinity symbol.
  • Hyacinths, violets, daffodils. Was an integral attributes of ritual subjects.

Today, these and many other flowers, are a great tool in order to create during the funeral of a dignified and gentle atmosphere, thereby mitigating the sense of loss everyone. And if the beautiful flowers formed funeral basket, it looks really decent and fine.

Funeral wreaths and funeral baskets – professionals in the business!

Internet-shop of flowers 'Kvitochka' is not only a professional staff who have years of experience in the market of Floristics, but also a variety of options and proposals for the formation as wedding and funeral songs.

Our work is known not only in Kyiv, but also beyond. We cooperate on a permanent basis, as individuals, and services of funeral services and many of them leave their grateful reviews about our activities not only on our website. But on other sites in the network. What advantages you'll be working with us?

The quality of the work. Before our specialists will take the job, they thoroughly delve into the essence of the new order. Employees want to understand how it should look like a wreath, bouquet, basket or arrangement to fully try to implement in them the feelings of the customer. Even if we are talking about complex or a bulk order, we will make it exactly the way imagined it to our customer.

Additional services. Among the main services offered by our shop, ordering flowers in Kiev we can be carried out even with shipping to the specified location. Depending on the volume and value of the order, such delivery is possible even as an additional and free service. And to our loyal customers we are ready to provide it automatically.

The cost of services. We don't want to say that the cost of our products and services below all other companies they are companies that are engaged in this activity. But we are confident that in the ratio 'price-quality' - our services look perfect. And so I think not only we, but also many of our customers who have used our help.

To make your final choice and wonder huge range of products, just go to the address https://kvitochka.kiev.ua/. We are confident that your score will be high!

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