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Flowers in our life is accompanied not only festive, but also sad moments: weddings, birthdays, and appointments, and anniversaries, and mentions the funeral. Under different circumstances, the bouquets carry its own symbolism. Funeral flowers represent eternal life, expressed sorrow about the deceased person.

The tradition to lay flowers on the grave exists from time immemorial in almost all countries, as a last act of love, respect and longing. It can be bouquets of fresh and artificial flowers, wreaths and funeral baskets. Traditionally, such compositions are collected by the florist in a simple, understated style, taking into account personal preferences of the deceased.

Funeral baskets represent coniferous or wicker frame and complemented by bouquets of flowers. A variety of frames symbolize eternal life, look very natural and respectable. Presented basket aesthetic and presentable, they are resistant to the tomb and do not require additional fastening.

Bouquets to baskets of carefully selected fresh flowers, arrangement is made by the florist based on your wishes and preferences. Mourning ribbon Express the sorrow and emphasize the relationship to the deceased. To see the range, get competent advice and order flowers to Kiev you can go to our website. To ask questions call the number provided or contact our managers using the feedback form.

To lay flowers on the grave or monument is an integral tradition of the funeral and other ceremonial good-byes, public holidays and weddings. Don't always have time to come to the salon and choose the basket or the bouquet, so you can order flowers with delivery in Kiev, we will create a composition of different complexity and of different colors.

Choosing a funeral basket, you should consider many factors: gender, age, social status, relationship with the deceased. It is considered that the presence of the bouquet of red roses shows the heroic life or death. To bid farewell to the traditional man of steel dark shades of colors. Appropriate for women soft, light-colored bouquets. Lilies, white roses and violets appropriate songs for young people and children. White lilies are used as a symbol of virginity for unmarried girls.

Flowers delivery in Kiev around the clock will save you time and money, you can make the order directly to the place of burial. Our ritual salon provides not only a huge selection of ready-made compositions, but also the opportunity to create a bouquet customized.

Funeral baskets are appropriate as a funeral, 9 and 40 days, they also rely on statues and memorials. This beautiful ceremonial attribute will tell the last word, Express your sorrow for the native, close, dear person. A decent funeral bouquet will reflect your respect a colleague or friend. To order funeral baskets in Kiev, you can on our website.

We will arrange the delivery of bouquets in Kiev at any time of the day, seven days a week. Our florists take into account all the wishes of customers, creating both a classic dumpster, and developed compositions for individual orders. Although the classic versions involve the use of lilies, roses and carnations, we will issue a funeral bouquet to any plants.

Funeral basket of flowers in Kiev is a way to Express their grief and show respect to the deceased. Flowers help to convey what you are able to put into words. They will decorate the place of burial and will perfectly look on the ceremonial event. We can arrange them in the desired form, experienced florists of our company is able to realize any your idea.

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