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Hatbox with red roses and freesia

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  • Product Code:  Капелюшна коробка з трояндами і фрезіями
Hat box with roses and freesia. The composition consists of red roses (55 PCs.), freesia (6pcs), eucalyptus. Height - 40 cm, ..More
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Hat box with roses and freesia. The composition consists of red roses (55 PCs.), freesia (6pcs), eucalyptus. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 40 cm

A bouquet of red roses and freesia in a hatbox

Each flower has its purpose. One represents passion, the other loyalty, the third force. Rose combines the diversity of the characters. A wonderful plant with delicate petals and the prickly thorns called the oldest piece of nature. In different Nations a bouquet of pretty flowers has a specific meaning. That's why the hatbox with red roses and freesia luxury gift for all occasions.

What do roses and freesia

The language of plants is a science that helps to achieve the goal. In ancient times the rose was associated with joy, poets and artists have discovered a different meaning of the divine creation – love, ready for exploits and self-sacrifice. Gorgeous bouquets of roses in boxes better than any words tell about the feelings of the giver and admiration with the person who receives an exquisite gift. So what do flowers symbolize, which is the subject of hundreds of works of poetry, paintings?

  • In Greek mythology there is a story about how there were flowers. Goddess of love Aphrodite lost peace, encountering God nature of Eros. The couple didn't know what to do next, seeking solitude and trying to tell each other about feelings. Husband of Aphrodite kill the opponent. The goddess walked through the woods, trying to find Eros. Bare feet pricked by thorns, leaving bloody footprints. These places grew scarlet flowers of passionate love and fidelity.
  • In the Bible the plant is mentioned along with the Lily. White flowers are associated with the disciple of Jesus Christ Mary Magdalene. Bright wild rose – scarlet with the blood of the Saviour and wounds. In the Middle Ages these flowers were marked with sorrow, sacrifice, suffering.

Roses in a box to order in Kyiv remind you about the history, will be expressing. If a luxurious plant with thorns called the Queen of flowers, the freesia has earned the title of lady-in-waiting of the Empress. The plant family Rutaceae, denoting the confidence, beauty, fits perfectly in a gift arrangement, adding a unique flavour.

Bouquet in a hatbox

Each trend is a legend. The great Bernard Shaw was not able to order roses in a box at home. Prospero's love to the famous actress and decided to surprise them with unusual gift, the playwright sent a messenger with a bouquet in a hatbox. Excited lady had fan letters.

Hat boxes with red roses, give a favourite women, girls, mothers, colleagues, fellow students and friends. During the celebrations, and without reason, as the recognition of the feelings of respect and reverence.

Bouquet of 55 roses, decorated with freesia, remember. Chic songs give on Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary. Order flowers with delivery in Kyiv from the online store of bouquets Kvitochka clock. Managers will answer questions, tell you how to apply.


Заказывали на доставку цветов к ресторану в День свадьбы близкой подруги. Все отлично: цветы свежие, по времени тоже не подвели. Спасибо.

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