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The bride's bouquet with his own hands from the flower shop Kvitochka

The florists in our flower salon "Kvitochka" for 12 years we made more than 2,000 bouquets for the bride, different patterns of various flowers and plants. If you go to our store, be sure to get expert advice on what flowers to choose which shape of bouquet works best for you. For your convenience, our service provides round-the-clock flower delivery, including urgent, within one to two hours.

Flowers for wedding bouquet

A bouquet for the bride is special and a must-have accessory, the final image of the bride. And in no case do not skimp on the flowers for such an important wedding attribute. Choose flowers and plants that like, all fit. And don't attach yourself to bright colours: don't believe that the wedding bouquet must be white, cream, or as they say now is the color "ivory" (who ever came up with?) If you want to use seasonal flowers to add to his masterpiece the plants that grew in your garden. Don't forget that the bouquet will stand out wedding photos at, and that memory, in the future they will reconsider your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren...

Types of wedding bouquets

Bouquet florist can fold:

  • In a floral foam: this is a special plastic structure, containing the floral foam well-absorb water. Flowers and greenery are cut short and put in the sponge. The shape of this bouquet can be hemispherical, cascading and arbitrary. Wet sponge portbuketnitsy really helps on hot days when due to high temperature plants lose moisture. However, there are also disadvantages: the bouquet is heavy and not suitable for cast (will need additional bouquet understudy).

  • On their stalks of the flowers and plants are folded, using the spiral technique. This technique has two subspecies, but in this article we will analyze more simple, and in the video you will see how to fold a bouquet.

If you have a huge desire to collect the bride's bouquet with your own hands - try. However podstrahuet, and find the florist who will be able to fix the situation, if you do not get...

Direct creation of a Bridal bouquet with their hands

Now will follow a description of how to make a Bridal bouquet with their hands, using the spiral technique, below is the link to the video.

To begin, all flowers and plants must be put in the most aesthetically pleasing appearance. Do not need to remove leaves, needles, ugly petals (rose back). Peel the stalks from the leaves to the level where it originates "crown" of the bouquet. Short flowers (orchids and begonias) taproots on the wire (see video).

Flowers and sprigs of greenery add up in a spiral, placing them at an angle. Keep the bouquet in your left hand, the right one adding flowers and plants. The free space between the large flowers filled with twigs spray of flowers and greenery, ensure that the leaves and flowers were sent "face to audience". Each subsequent row should be a little lower. For convenience, it is better to use the mirror: the reflection is very well possible to view the composition.

Bandages "leg" of the folded bouquet (rope, ribbon or cord). Now view it from all sides, correct if there are "sticking out" of small items - not trying to "sit deeper", carefully cut with scissors in order not to break anything. Cut the stems at one level, to the desired length.

At the end – wrapped "leg" satin ribbon, securing it with pins. The tape should be selected to match the bouquet.

  • As a part of our wedding bouquet:
  • eustoma;
  • peach peony rose "David Austin";
  • white, red and pink spray roses;
  • orchids;
  • begonias;
  • sprigs of greenery.
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