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Types of the famous bouquet of 101 roses

In the world of floristry has a wonderful bouquet that can be considered not only a classic, but a monumental, indestructible. His hand when they want to Express feelings, to assure a loved one in friendship, loyalty and love. This is the famous of bouquet of 101 roses, Kyiv offering in large quantity. You can choose not only the variety, but also the shade for making flower compositions. Master florists will be happy to do whatever the customer likes!

101 rose in action, or for any celebration perfect

Not difficult to order, to buy a bouquet of 101 roses in the online store "Kvitochka" for a few minutes. "Complexity" in the selection range of online platforms inconceivably great. Will help to determine the experienced advice of the masters of the flower business, who will gladly pick up a truly unique bouquet or arrangement.

White, red, yellow 101 rose with delivery on Kyiv is usually chosen for:

  • wedding or wedding of young if the donor is a loved one one side or the other;
  • anniversary of a close friend, and even boss. These men's floral design in shades - Burgundy, purple, white, has not been canceled;
  • birthday/themed parties, if you want to conquer and charming hostess;
  • most loved/sweet/dear person;
  • as a sign of respect or appreciation even when the person is familiar is not close.

The gift can be supplemented with a bright accessory. It can be a greeting card is handmade with warm words or a cute tag with ribbon. A floral gift with 101 roses delivery goes well with sweets, chocolate, bottle of champagne or fine cognac. Just enough to show imagination!

Roses in the bouquet. The species, which is insane

Bouquets of 101 roses on order buy cheap in Kyiv is easy and simple. Understanding Available filters, simple navigation allows you to select a song with other colors or prefer a monochrome bouquet. Everything will depend on the magnitude of the occasion, his style, colors and preferences to bestow!

But the masters of floral art does not stand still and offer more to their customers. Today to order 101 rose in the cabin "Kvitochka" immediately after the selected shape of a flower. Someone prefers outdoor options with a strong fragrance, somebody peony flowers-beauty-roses.

An online showcase is happy to offer roses:

  • Wichurana that hit the same buds and petals elegance;
  • hybrid tea, popular with all the density of the buds and a long flowering period;
  • polyanthus, which can be considered a hit in recent years thanks to the multitude of buds on a single stem;
  • grandiflora, which feature a large number of colors and the maximum large buds. Blue, orange, yellow, lavender shades are also present;
  • curly options for interior compositions.

Each type is special, unique and not similar to others. That is why when you choose a, you can Express emotions, feelings only with the presentation of floral gift.

Briefly about the General, or, as an important shipping

Prompt and accurate delivery of flowers to Kiev from the online store "Kvitochka" - a guarantee that the receiver will receive a floral greeting on time. And it will depend on your ability or the weather outside the window: the courier will deliver the order to the right place at exactly the right time.

The most important thing is to fill out the application form to complete order flowers to Kiev. After that, everyone can be confident that even if the wind or snow, the customer is out of town or he has no time for celebration, flowers will be handed over on time.

Auxiliary service - a real "assistant" for the ever-busy man. It is sufficient to choose a bouquet of roses, to Refine the design and delivery also takes place to be. Trust someone who approaches his work with love!

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