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How to decorate a car for the wedding flowers

Wedding is a special and unique event in every person's life! This day is bound to be unforgettable for both partners. Redemption, the Registrar, the beautiful decoration of the hall, happy parents and guests - all this creates a unique atmosphere of the wedding. However, special attention deserves the arrangement of the wedding cars. The couple after the wedding ceremony often come to ride in the most interesting places of the city, so making machine must conform to the occasion. Real flowers is the best option for decorating wedding vehicles!

Wedding car decoration with flowers is insanely beautiful! All the sensuality of the feast is transferred from the first glance at the car. Incredibly delicate buds look great on the car body, showing to all passers-by about the feelings connecting the newlyweds. Besides, the showers will be very nice to remember the beauty that accompanied them during the celebration of the wedding.

Internet-shop of flowers - great for weddings!

To decorate wedding car with flowers is not easy. It is important to find a great shop that can perform the decoration of similar complexity. "Kvitochka" is not the first year shows itself best online store in Kiev, specializing in the creation of flower decorations of any complexity. Decoration of wedding car is also under his power! So why choose him?

  • Fast and quality delivery. "Kvitochka" arrange for the delivery of decorations for a wedding car around Kiev and region.;You can order here flowers delivery in Kiev, which runs around the clock couriers company. Stunning scenery to reach the customer in safe and sound in the shortest possible time.
  • Beauty. There is no doubt that decorate wedding car with flowers will amaze with its magnificence all who see wedding transportation.
  • Cost. Internet-shop of flowers "Kvitochka" perfectly combines the excellent quality and the best price
  • Individual approach. Any jewellery designing is performed based on the buyer's order. Individual edits, of course, feasible. "Quote" always fulfills the desire of the client!

What flowers to choose for decoration wedding car?


Is a real classic, roses are always used for your wedding: the decorations on the wedding cars they are more than real. It is particularly important that the color possibilities of these colors is now virtually endless, so the decoration itself can be assembled from a variety of shades of colors. White, red, pink, blue, purple - the options are many. The mood of the celebration will be transferred as accurately as possible, from relaxed and romantic to bustling and passionate!


Delicate buds of lilies amazing place for a relaxing and sophisticated ceremonies, where there is perfect harmony. Most often, they are not designed for a typical event at the restaurant, but prefer a celebration in the form of a buffet in a beautiful location.


Often when making wedding transport is often used and chamomile. Their white petals are beautifully accentuate the innocence of the marriage Union, which will affect the perception of the festivities surrounding. Tender feelings will not be able to avoid anyone from looking at decorated similarly car!

Unusual flowers

Exotic flowers also do not remain without attention from newlyweds in Kiev. The wedding - feast, which clearly stand out on the background of usual life, so this way to stand out is appropriate.

The flowers on the wedding car - this is truly a beautiful ornament that will make the solemn trip. With this approach to holiday decorations will definitely be successful!

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