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The story of the roses, varieties of bouquets

The earliest images of the roses are dated XVI century BC. Pictures of this color can be found on the walls of the Palace of Knossos, which is located on the island of Crete. In this same time period rose was common in Egypt. Archaeologists in the tombs of pharaohs and other important individuals of the old Kingdom found some wreaths created from roses. They are so well preserved to the present day, that botanists have been able to even establish their views.

Bouquets of roses were seen in Ancient Greece as a symbol of Aphrodite emerging from the sea at its birth. The flower was believed to have been of white clay, so had exactly the same color. Its wonderful aroma he found with the help of the gods. They appreciated the beautiful appearance of the plant, resulting thus decided to reward him. But donated nectar in any case could not extend the flower of his life, which was related to the influence of evil forces.

Bouquet of 101 roses of red color at the moment you can purchase due to the fact that the blood of Aphrodite came to white flower, thereby coloring it a different hue. It happened at a time when the goddess fled, not seeing the way to the place of tragedy, where her lover, Adonis wounded by the boar.

There is also another myth that somehow explains how there were red roses. It lies in the fact that the God of love Cupid gave the flower to the world, but knocking on his nectar, he painted the buds in a bright red hue. If not for this situation at the moment bouquets of roses Kyiv was predominantly white shades, as there were no red or Burgundy color.

In ancient Greeks there was a myth about the origin of the rose, associated with the goddess, whose name is flora. She is a long time hiding from a meeting with Amur, because they do not want to hit it with your arrow. But once it happened, then little Cupid, in turn, began to avoid Flora. In response to this situation, the goddess decided to create a flower that combines both positive and negative emotions. As soon as he was born, flora wanted to name him in honor of his beloved, that is Eros. But it so happened that the girl faltered, reprimand only "growing up". From that time people began to use the word "rose".

There is another legend that is associated with Cupid and roses. A Central part of this history is connected with the tragedy – the murder of a goddess of the hunt Diana and the nymph Rosalia, which was suspected in a romantic relationship with Eros. A beautiful girl was fully wounded by thorns thorns. When the God of love saw it, he started crying over the lifeless body of the beloved. At the moment of impact tears the thorns, he at the same moment turned into the most beautiful flowers, that is rose.

The Greeks not only loved roses, but even to read them. Image of this flower can be found on the walls of homes, on cars, on public buildings or the facades of buildings. With roses adorned people's heads in mourning, making them wreaths. Urns and monuments have always decorated according to the flower. It was thought that this was a way to protect graves from damage.

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