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Wedding Decoration of the hall summer: what flowers to choose?

Summer is a time of beautiful floral and weddings! This season has a huge number of different buds that are used for decorating any element of the occasion: car, room, and bridesmaid dresses. However, in such a occasion styling, there are rules and subtleties that are often not taken into account. So how best to decorate the wedding with fresh flowers?

What flowers suitable for the decoration of the hall?

Summer seasonal flowers are wildflowers. For example, chamomile, cornflowers and so on. Similar colors in the store a lot, and the prices are lower than in any other season.

Among the garden flowers includes all your favorite roses and peonies. At the end of the hot season blooming asters. All these flowers can be used for your decoration of the wedding hall.

What styles of decorating the wedding halls are there?

Of course, the wedding hall requires compliance with certain rules, the violation of which definitely will spoil the whole look. There are several styles:

  1. Parallel. In this case, the flowers should be placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. It is important to create an overall picture in which to comply with the rules of aesthetics and beauty. Do not combine different lines, because this way will be a glut of colors that are not always well affects the appearance of the room.
  2. Decorative. All elements must have the same General shape (sphere, square and so on).
  3. Vegetative. Now this style is particularly popular. It encouraged the use of seasonal elements in the decoration of rooms. For example, berries, snowflakes, fruit, needles, etc.
  4. Formo-linear. There is one big element of the decoration of the Banquet hall, which are interspersed with smaller decorations.

In any case, you cannot combine two or more styles! Hall needs to look luxurious and sophisticated.

How to decorate a wedding hall?

In addition to the overall concept of the jewelry there are smaller elements, forget about which is not worth it. Thus the solemnity of registration of a hall for a wedding can be lost.

The floor and walls

On the floor, you can sprinkle flower petals, which will meet the newlyweds when first entering the room. You can also place baskets of flowers, which must overlap with the rest of the design.


Columns taken issue with spiral decorations of flowers.


The stairs are decorated on the edges of the steps, and walls. Should get some "flower path".

As a rule, for design, wedding use subtle shades. Popular option - white, pale pink, blue and other light shades.

The colors should be combined with the bride's bouquet and to submit to the General concept of the celebration. Informal weddings are still taking place, so this point also must be considered.

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