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How inexpensive and beautiful to decorate the wedding hall with his own hands?

A solemn wedding day - a special day in the lives of young. He is bright, positive and memorable. However, the holiday is so not himself and not just so, and thanks to the meticulous and careful preparation in which the decoration of the wedding hall with flowers plays an important role. And even if everything is done on their own with the help of friends and relatives, you can create an event to be envied by veteran organizers.

Decoration of wedding halls, or when without flowers can not do

The decor in the measure according to the chosen style and colors of the celebration are what make the occasion elegant and classy or modern and innovative. Here the main thing - "not to overdo". Although many flowers never need to know how and what, where and how they decorate so "gasp" not only young, but also was dazzled by the beauty of the decoration. Decoration of wedding halls with natural flowers - a delicate matter that requires wise tips experts.

Where to start, or determining where mini-locations

Responding to a question about how to decorate the wedding hall with his own hands, should understand that the process requires a clear and coherent action. For this it is sufficient to distinguish functional areas of the festival venue - and the task of decoration of the Banquet hall in Kiev will be resolved.

The location of the festival includes:

  • place greeting guests;
  • wedding table young;
  • Banquet tables guests;
  • the territory presents;
  • candy-bar;
  • the area for photo shoot;
  • the dance floor.

Thus, following their own plan of decoration, the table decoration newlyweds or any other zone, not worth it. The main - matching the mood of the couple, the style of celebrations, colours and so on. Heeding the advice of master florists, taking into account the entire range, for example, an online store "Kvitochka", you can make a holiday just fabulous!

Flowers for wedding: tricks and secrets from experienced craftsmen-florists

Deciding on the decoration of the wedding halls in Kiev with his own hands, is to determine the number of flowers, their colors and options in floral design arrangements and bouquets. You can choose gerbera daisies and Alstroemeria, daisies and Ranunculus, roses and carnations, other options are not considered.

A great solution is a monochrome composition that is composed of the primary colors, white, red, blue, yellow and green. They emphasize the style and status of the event and will be a good solution for a retro, Greek, or similar. For styles ethno best to choose raznostnye compositions that emphasize the bright moments of the festival, will bring the gentle fragrance and charm beauty.

In this design of the table of the bride and groom, as well as other places of the locations you can use:

  • floral garland that you can decorate the columns, staircases and stairs.It will look spectacular and almost fabulously;
  • bouquets which can be used for the bride, mother of the bride/groom, the women relatives;
  • composition of vertical and horizontal for the decoration of Banquet tables and other wedding hall;
  • the basket of flowers that you can arrange the area of the entrance;
  • surround panel representing diverse paintings and figures of animals if they are on the subject.

It turns out that to arrange a wedding area is easy and simple, just "sketch out" the plan and look of the composition. It remains only to order the bouquets and compositions in the required amount and wait for delivery. And immediately you can start decorating. And let the room fill with bright colors, delicate flavors!

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