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What bouquet to give a girl's 18th birthday?

The most sincere and warm gift is flowers. These gentle and open plants petals stretch to the sky and the sun, giving happiness to others. For this reason, girls love flowers. In life there are many important occasions when they can be present (and even better - no reason), but the 18th birthday is a special event that just will not do without such an important gift! Flowers delivery in Kiev around the clock will help You to present your favorite joy.

Bouquet to the eighteenth birthday

Bouquet for girls at 18 years of age a special gift, which is intended to Express a huge range of emotions from the sender to the recipient of this most important day. Very symbolic to give the girl a composition of 18 delicate roses should not worry about an even number. The rule with the donation of only the odd number of plants usually only applies to 11 and then a full play to Your imagination!

If You still are a supporter of an odd number of flowers, then give the birthday girl a gorgeous arrangement of 17 roses or orchids. You can present this gift with the words "This bouquet of flowers 17 for the eighteenth". Such a romantic thing for sure will be long remembered by the girl. Order flowers to Kiev will allow You to implement the most original ideas and bold dreams.

The language of flowers for delivery in Kiev

It happens that people carefully choose the bouquet, waste large amounts of money, nice presents, and the recipient gets upset or even angry. What can explain this? The fact that each flower has its own symbolism and meaning. For example, the guy decided bought for his beloved the most beautiful and expensive gerberas, and the girl looked at their variety and hue - and angry. Because it is so important to know the symbols, that is each flower, and then proceed to the choice of the composition. Hurry up to order a bouquet with delivery on our website!

Variety of colors to order in Kiev

So, the selected colors can tell a lot about the intentions of the giver. Great importance has the variety of colors, each of which has a certain symbolism. Below you can see those flowers and their meanings, which are ideal to gift to the girl for 18 years. But flowers in a hatbox, regardless of their class, seduce the birthday girl beauty and originality of execution.

  1. Roses have long been considered a symbol of strong love, passion and affection, because these flowers should be present if you wish to frequently be with Your beloved.
  2. Delicate Lily of the valley will help the birthday girl to Express tenderness and sympathy, flirtation.
  3. Gerberas symbolize a great mood and a certain amount of anonymity - they are perfect to give the birthday girl, if You are familiar recently.
  4. Lilies of the valley or bluebells - symbolic of purity and freshness, which will not leave indifferent the romantic nature.
  5. These orchids are designed to emphasize the beauty of its owner, they also have intimate undertones and are a symbol of lust.
  6. Chrysanthemums symbolize joy and friendship, relaxation and good mood - feel free to give them to her friend's birthday.
  7. Tulips symbolize loyalty and sincere happiness.
  8. Pansies can be presented to the birthday girl that You miss being, for example, at a distance. These touching wild flowers bear a share of romanticism.
  9. Chamomile - a symbol of innocence and romance, perfect for a bouquet to the eighteenth birthday.
  10. Irises - versatile flowers that you can give a girl on 18 years, emphasizing her intelligence, beauty and youth.

A good idea would be to give eighteen-year-old beauty flowers in a box in the shape of a heart with macaroons - the girl will not remain indifferent to this delicious and memorable gift. Not so important in what colors you choose to do it with trembling, with care and love - and then the birthday girl is sure to feel! Internet-shop of flowers "Quote" will help You give love and attention.

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