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What to give the bouquet to the wedding?

A bouquet for the wedding, the newlyweds is a traditional Day of marriage from the parents of the bride and groom, friends and other guests. Florists offer a variety of options for compositions. Among them you can choose an elegant and expensive or modest and stylish bouquet.


Thanks to the delivery of flowers in Kiev around the clock, order of the composition can be at any time. Florist Experts will create bouquets, in accordance with the traditions of the wedding floristry. What kind of flowers are best suited for congratulating newlyweds. A few tips from florists will help you make the right choice.

Roses for a wedding – a great decision!


Wedding is a special and solemn day, so the flowers have to be special. More suited to this celebration of the rose. The bouquet can consist of 5-7 large flowers or a few sprigs of roses peony. It will look very elegant and presentable. The gifts also rose 101, Kieva city where such songs became popular – they give the newlyweds from the guests. Baskets of roses decorated Banquet hall where the celebration. They give the room a special festive atmosphere.


Congratulations to the newlyweds, suitable roses light pastel tones. Pink, white, tea, cream buds – exactly what you need. Rose red, wine red, scarlet to give at a wedding is not accepted – they symbolize passion and love, they can give only the bridegroom to the bride. Yellow buds symbolize prosperity and wealth, but by some they are regarded as a symbol of separation. So be careful buying them on the show.

Place your order of flowers in Kiev cheap in the store, "Kvitochka", you will receive a welcome song for newlyweds from parents, sister, brother, witnesses, grandparents, bridesmaids. Florists create every bouquet, taking into account the wishes of customers. In addition to roses, the bright gamma bouquets wedding florists flower shop suggest to apply:

  • orchids, Calla lilies, lilies. They are beautiful, subtle, delicate, perfectly suited to the wedding celebration. They symbolize prosperity, a warm mutual love, prosperity, family;
  • wild flowers – daisies, cornflowers, bees, other plants. Bouquets of these beautiful and undemanding flowers gave the wedding the young from ancient times to the wish of family happiness, respect each other, procreation. Today this tradition alive, wild bouquets again fashionable to give the bride and groom;
  • lilies of the valley, snowdrops, violets – for a spring wedding arrangements – the best solution. These flowers foretell the newlyweds tender feelings, a lasting bond of marriage, a lot of kids;
  • without fear of buy add to favourites bouquets with tulips, gerbera daisies, hyacinths, peonies. They are often used in wedding bouquets at any time of the year, the compositions are gorgeous, touching, solemn;
  • for decorating of wedding bouquets using sprigs of Jasmine, lilac, honeysuckle. Do not pass up the green plants in the bouquet is Pittosporum, fern, aspidistra, gypsophila and others. They not only give the composition aesthetic, but also symbolize luck in all things, wealth, good financial situation of the family;
  • want to surprise the newlyweds, give them something special - stop the choice on strelitzia, plumeria, Anthurium the. Composition often choose bridesmaids.

If you want to buy 101 rose in Kiev for a wedding, make the order, naming the date of the celebration. Such a unique and elegant composition for you will have time to prepare in a timely manner.

What flowers do not advise to give the bride and groom

Before you buy a bouquet for the wedding ceremony, learn the traditions and customs of the country where I came from couple. In some countries, daffodils, gladioli and camellias are considered harbingers of problems and disappointments. Beautiful flowers – carnations, but they are more suitable for other events for corporate bouquets.

Composition of yellow flowers have been associated with many of deceit and separation. Bouquets with lots of purple plants symbolize sadness. Should not present a very bright composition, it is better to give preference to pastel tones.

If a Banquet at the wedding is held indoors, avoid strong-smelling flowers. Their smell may cause some people have allergies or headaches.

Where to order a bouquet for a wedding

Please contact the online flower shop "Kvitochka", where there are many interesting wedding bouquets. They are designed with the latest fashion trends in floral design. If you don't find one shown in the photo of the bouquets, the florists will make it for you, taking into account individual wishes. For compositions apply only freshly cut flowers – a strong, beautiful, presentable to look at.

To order a bouquet with delivery, decide his choice. To make a purchase directly on the website of the flower shop or contact the Manager on the phone. Choose a bouquet with a sense of love and care for the newlyweds. After the wedding – the happiest day of their lives.

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