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Where to get beautiful bouquets of 101 roses?

Rose has always been considered one of the most beautiful, symbolic flowers. It has repeatedly been praised in poems and novels, she was chosen as the symbol of various organizations (think only about the war of the roses).

Where to get beautiful roses

If you want to give someone a really beautiful bouquet, then you cannot do floral booths near natural markets: there is often not only wants the best assortment, but the flowers themselves look quite tired. A great option in this case would be;flower delivery. Kiev is a big city, so to carry the bouquet to its destination with caution: it will simply wither on the way, especially in the hot season. And in the path of the flowers you can accidentally smash, tear off the leaves. But with a flower delivery in Kyiv you can buy a bouquet of 101 roses will arrive fresh and intact. And how happy will that this bouquet will give a whole 101 rose! Buy in Kiev;this bouquet can be very reasonable price - we only need to know where to look. You can give preference to the classics - red roses suitable for any occasion, but if you want you can make a bouquet out of something really unusual, and then make the order of the colors. Kiev;full of beautiful girls and each of them worthy of such a luxurious gift. And this is a great gift for a date - a bouquet of 101 roses, Kyiv in the evening, a delicious Cup of coffee more romantic atmosphere and impossible to think.

Today, there are many different varieties of roses that differ in color, size, etc. But here will be described the most original and amazing:

  • Rainbow roses. Seeing them in photos for the first time, you probably think that the picture is photoshopped - or how one flower could fit all colors of the rainbow? But these flowers really exist in reality. However, from create on the basis of white roses and later painted. But the idea is to split the stems on separate channels and paint each of them individually came to mind florist Dutch Peter van de Werken, truly brilliant. Bouquets of roses of this type can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.
  • Polka. The hallmark of this variety are curly petals and soft apricot hue. They grow on bushes lush bunches, as if placed in a bouquet before they are cut.
  • Blue rose. Here already there are no dyes - only the talent of the gardeners. Tint they have a very delicate, slightly purplish, sometimes lavender.
  • A rose without petals. Yes, you heard right, there is such a thing. The Bud of this flower is formed not petals, but the sepals. This flower has a very subtle pleasant aroma, much loved by connoisseurs. Besides, over time, the green leaves are dark red - a very unusual sight.
  • Rose "cherry parfait”. Its feature is a soft color transition from red to white. No individual spots - only the gradient, making the Bud pale cream on the outside and scarlet on the tips of the petals.
  • Roses "Countrymen". Most of all, they look similar to peonies: huge, fluffy bouquets light pink hue imitate them with extraordinary precision. But the leaves and the shape of the Bush leave no doubt: this is really rose, just very unusual.
  • Rose "Izi Daz It." The shape of their petals at the edge it resembles a cock''s comb - the same funny half wave. Then to color, some pale yellow here flows seamlessly into a rich orange.

Of course, interesting varieties of much more, and here on taste and color "all the markers are different" - some people like simple tea roses on the Bush, some prefer huge black roses, which are not ashamed to present even the Queen.

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