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What flowers give the girls on the first date?

First date – an event that causes you to experience the excitement at any age. It is important to make a good impression on your partner, in this case often helps the floristic composition. In floral online store "Kvitochka" you will be able to pick up a bouquet for any occasion.

Men agree to date only with the girls they really like. That is why on the first date often you want to give a bouquet that will cause lady admiration.

How to choose the right bouquet

First date: what kind of flowers to give a girl?

There is nothing easier than to order a bouquet with delivery in Kiev. The problem begins when you start selecting the most appropriate colors. If you know a girl is bad, to pick up a bouquet that will appeal to 100% will be impossible. Not to be mistaken with a choice – just casually ask your date what colors she prefers. If the time for questioning is not, and requires Express delivery of flowers in Kiev, you can take advantage of the General recommendations that definitely work.

When choosing a bouquet for a first date, consider some nuances:

  1. Delicate, pastel, pink shades - great for a young companion. This is the bouquet you emphasize her youth.
  2. If beloved more than 30 among the shades it is better to prefer saturated colors. The ideal option would be the buds are deep purple, dark Burgundy, etc.
  3. On a first date is inappropriate to use red flowers, regardless of the age of the girl. The only exceptions are the red tulips.

The expression of feelings in the language of flowers

Flowers delivery in Kiev around the clock to help you out in an emergency situation. Remember that the right bouquet is not only cheap and always appropriate gift, but also a kind of language that will help to talk about feelings.

Want to Express my admiration for his companion and experience the excitement in her presence – choose a bouquet of white daisies. Sure that want to continue to meet with the girl, intending to win the favor of her heart, make a floral arrangement of roses or tulips.

If you want to show your special attention to the beloved, called it elegant and refined special – order a bouquet of orchids.

Before you buy a bouquet of flowers with delivery in Kiev, it is important to determine the number of buds. The number is also symbolic, as the form and color of buds:

  • Many believe that one flower give men a limited budget. In fact, one Bud can tell the girl that you think she is the one and only.
  • Three flowers in a bouquet – hope that the date will be the first and last that the relationship will continue in the future,;
  • A bouquet of five flowers is more suitable to men that the first date has definitely realized that the experience of the girl a feeling of love and affection;
  • Seven buds – a sign that you are experiencing immense happiness just from the fact that the beloved is near you.

On a first date do not make the order of flowers in Kiev on 13 or more buds. In this bouquet you'll just put the girl in an awkward position, plus I can pass for a dude who squanders money.

A bouquet of flowers would be appropriate not always. There are a few exceptions to the rules that are important to consider. Most importantly – my girls are allergic to floral arrangements. Not to be trapped, give preference to bouquets without a sharp odor. To the colors of areas of risk include lilacs, lilies, hyacinths and lilies of the valley.

If a suitable track is found, simply place your order of flowers in Kiev cheap and going on her first date.

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