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Flower bouquet for a first date: what to consider when choosing?

The beginning of the novel – it's always flowers. The period of relationship is called "honeymoon". Express delivery of flowers in Kiev kvitochka.kiev.ua helps out in crucial moments. Daisies, roses, alstromeria and peonies, the courier will bring even to the most remote part of the city.

Flowers on the first date: feelings or bad manners?

To give or not to give flowers on the first meeting? How to guess who is in front of you? Romantic nature will like the bouquet. And the girl, standing up for equality, may incorrectly perceive a nice gesture.

Buy a bouquet of flowers with delivery in Kiev – a more permanent solution. Anyway, bouquets pleasant for everyone. Even ardent feminist, indignant flowers to 8th of March, to the bouquet on the first date will be at least loyal.

First date – exam on intuition. The flavors chosen are still unknown, the man selects flowers, relying on their own preferences. Want to be sure of success? Then order a bouquet with delivery to Kiev is possible after prior consultation. Fortunately, the online flower shop "Quote" offers assistance in the arrangement of the bouquet. The florist will tell what is fashionable, and will help build a spectacular composition of colors.

What should be the first bouquet?

Those who wants to make a stunning impression, take a number. 101 rose, 51 Tulip – these flowers are uncompromising in their beautiful. A heart formed of red roses, surrounded by roses of white color? These ensembles will awaken in the soul girls the most tender feelings.

Do know that a huge bouquet of the young lady not to surprise? Well, flowers delivery to Kiev around the clock, ready to such turn. Gift box with sweets – that's an alternative.

Lady sweet tooth? What about a bouquet of unusual flowers? They look unusual and fresh: they are involuntarily drawn to be viewed from different angles. It is difficult to resist the temptation to touch the fingers of the amazing petals, to understand what it's like to touch the strange plant.

When ordering flowers in Kyiv inexpensively, specify that you need custom colors. Our florists will help you choose something extraordinary. Eustoma, baby's breath, irises, romashkovidnye chrysanthemum, freesia, peony roses, sprigs of bamboo...These names are hard to pronounce, even harder to remember. But their beauty overshadows these drawbacks.

Don't remember what it's called right plant? Show the florist a photo, describe words. Our bouquet master can understand such things.

Flowers flowers, say what?!

Order flowers to Kiev is half the battle. What to say when handed a bouquet?! The first minute of the first date is the most awkward that can happen. Both trying to impress and keep face, so with the right words is always a problem.

To give a bouquet with these words:

  • "This is for you. Saw these and immediately thought of you. I thought will suit your dress/eye color/edition of Hemingway".
  • "Stop! Your hands need flowers".
  • "You know, I often speak nonsense. It is compensation for a strange companion!".
  • "Beautiful to beautiful!".
  • "I'm going to through the bullshit. You take the flowers!".
  • "I don't know what flowers you love. Dare to choose to your taste. But I'm ready to hear the truth!".
  • "This bouquet, of course, not as beautiful as you, but he will try!".

Flowers on a first date is a must. They increase your rating from a hundred points. Hand bouquet – it's like an escort home, pick up a heavy package, call time. Flowers on a first date is not a show, it's about politeness.

You can not behave humanly and with it to overdo it. And flowers: it's impossible to overdo it, a bouquet is always on time.

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