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Bouquets and arrangements in a box: stylish and practical

Florists all the time trying to come up with new and original ways of presenting as a gift floral arrangements. The latest trend of steel flowers in hat boxes – floral bouquets, which are distinguished by the singularity and practicality. They are spectacular and memorable.

Boxes for flowers are made of special cardboard and decorated with different textures, decorations, and bows. They come in different shapes: round, rectangular or square, trapezoidal, in the form of a box, chest or heart.

Any colors, decorated hat boxes, look original and striking: both small and large. Their number may also vary without compromising with the gift. These flowers do not require a lot of care as normal flowers, but are kept fresh long enough. And all thanks to the sponge, which lays down the flowers in a box and nourishes them with moisture (sometimes you need to add water). The cardboard does not get wet thanks to a special waterproof components and materials.

What is so "bribe" flowers in boxes?

Many say an infinite number of advantages of purchasing floral arrangements in boxes that you can buy on the website //kvitochka.kiev.ua/:

  1. Easy maintenance: just sometimes to add water to maintain the moisture of the sponge. Do not need to constantly change the water for the bouquet and trim the stems.
  2. Appropriate for any celebration: comfortable to wear, there is always where to put it and no need to think about where I could find a vessel to put the flowers in water.
  3. Floral arrangement for a long time retains its shape and does not break.
  4. In addition to flowers, in a box you can put a pleasant surprise: sweets, macaroons, fruit.

The most successful gift in the form of flowers in a hatbox-great for birthday, wedding, March 8, romantic date. The elegance of the gift provided. They will admire the surrounding, and the recipient will be able to enjoy the show.

The best flower arrangements from professional florists

Leading online florists shop in Kiev create unique bouquets in the hat boxes that are loved by thousands of customers. Consider their options in the page directory //kvitochka.kiev.ua/cveti-v-korobkah/. Professionals will execute any your whim and will decorate a box of beautiful bows, wrapping paper. They just pick the right size box to the size and number of colors. From the hands of our florists floral ensembles will sparkle with bright colors that will captivate any recipient of such a luxurious gift.

Possible additions to floral arrangements and sweet gifts: bright boxes, heart-shaped macaroons inside – top of elegance. They have become a trend this summer and this gift options available in our catalog.

The hit of the season, also has roses in a hat box. The assortment of the online store appear as bright red and delicate pink or white roses. Their number varies from several units to 101 for the most heartfelt confessions. What girl can resist such a juicy present?

Ordering flowers in Kiev is easy, and the delivery time is minimal. The staff tries to accommodate all your wishes, to help you find the right gift option and explain all the details of the care arrangement in the box. Flowers delivery in Kyiv is performed at any point of the city, without delay.

It is not necessary to puzzle over selection of unique gift, because there are flowers in the hat boxes! Good mood, gratitude and freshness in the interior of the receiver of the bouquet is guaranteed.

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