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Flowers Mother's Day: choose a decent bouquet

Mother's day is a special holiday that literally makes the heart tremble with love for the one that gave us life. Mom is always close with the baby like no other, it was so nice to surprise her - it is the duty of every son or daughter. Flowers, especially collected in a beautiful bouquet will surely delight her! Internet-shop of flowers "Quote" will be happy to help in the implementation of such a gesture!

What are best flowers for mom?

In fact, there is no strict rules on the choice of flowers for Mother's Day - it all depends on your desire and mood. But there is such a thing as the transfer of emotions with certain colors. That is, each bouquet carries his message. And this must be taken into account! What emotions have certain colors? This will be written below.


Roses are considered flowers of passion and tenderness at the same time. For example, red say about big and warm love for the mother. They symbolize the fire in your heart that never goes out.

White is a symbol of tenderness and purity. Give in such cases when you want to show all the tenderness of a mother's love.

Pink perfectly combine the best characteristics of white and red. On the one hand, the bouquet felt the warm love, and with the other he gives tenderness and purity.


Chamomile - the flowers are light, simple, yet most sincere. That's why they often give the mother that I want to say about her innocent simplicity, that warmed the soul throughout life.

Besides, chamomile at a cost cheaper than other colors, allowing you to collect from them a larger bouquet than the same roses.


Lilies are also popular filling bouquets. Truly delicate petals and the interesting form of the Bud to create a very unusual fruit combination. If the purpose of the gift to surprise mom, then they will fit best, after all, the same roses become quite commonplace.

However, it is important to remember that the lilies have a fairly strong flavor, so are not suitable for everyone. Before buying always be sure that mom is not allergic to them, which is quite common.


Often, kids give flowers. This may include unusual colour of the buds, and the original selection of the content of the bouquet. For example, there are cases when it is collected from Heather, Calla lilies or other exotic flowers. Such an option, actually, is very interesting, if the client is confident in his choice, because in addition to moms favorite colors are unloved, to give which is simply impossible. In such a situation it is important to know the preferences of the person you will gift.

My mother's favorite flowers

And here is the win-win! Knowing the favorite flower of the mother, you won't have to bother with other options. She will certainly appreciate even the fact that you have not forgotten about them. The only exception is cases when a lot of people gives them to her, and you want to stand out from the crowd.

Why the shipping is more pleasant and convenient?

Children Often try to personally give the flowers to your mom on this wonderful day. From the early morning they stand in front of the door and aggressively trying to Wake his beloved mother with a visit. It is fundamentally wrong, because this greeting you are putting her in an awkward position. Much better to order delivery, and then, towards evening, alone to congratulate her. Such an option is better because:

  • Flower delivery by courier in Kiev, faster;
  • For delivery don t need to prepare for the arrival of the dear guests;
  • The courier will be able to fulfill any wish of the client (to pass a note or speak certain words);
  • To congratulate the mother even if the client is at work;
  • Flowers delivery to Kiev - round-the-clock, so order a bouquet can be absolutely any time;
  • Unexpected surprise do much to lift the mood of my beloved mother for the day that will make Mothers Day even more colourful occasion. And it really means a lot for loving kids!

Do not be afraid to show your feelings! To make a nice closest in the life of a person is very simple - just enough to order a bouquet of in a good salon! Successful congratulations!

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