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What a bunch of flowers to choose for a first date?

To give flowers on the first date – that's up to the man. Some believe that it is optional, the other is called the bouquet of a fixture that will fascinate a girl and will be the first step to a warm relationship. To present the composition can be immediately at the meeting, and you can order a bouquet with delivery in Kiev here and present it in the middle of the date or at the end. Experienced florists will tell you what buds to choose to have the recipient pleased.

Features choice of flowers for a first date

You do not know the taste preferences of the lady, so the choice of composition, one should take into account different circumstances. You need to take into account such moments:

  • age lady or ladies to the young lady giving the buds are bright shades of pink, white, cream, girl older colors are more saturated colors;
  • where you will have to pass a date in a Park or public garden – hand compact arrangement of 3-5 buds, go to the cinema, buy a small, tidy bouquet of round shape, found in a cafe or restaurant, give flowers in a small hat box or in a transparent film, no packing;
  • time of year – in winter and in the summer heat, give the preference to strong buds that are not afraid of the sun or cold, for the off-season you can use any flowers;
  • first, Dating is better to give a small, lightweight composition, at the end you can give a bigger bouquet;
  • avoid clear buds with a strong aroma, as well as the prevalence in the bouquets of red and Burgundy shades – they Express passion and love;
  • no need to buy an expensive bouquet, it can alert the recipient, because your relationship is not so close to give her a luxury gift.

Buy a bouquet of flowers with delivery in Kiev you can at any time, even if not immediately placed an order. Just take a moment and call the florist or write a message on his website, will order specifying the time and place of delivery flower gift. It's very simple, but the girl you strike, you are pleasantly surprise.

What flowers to give

As for the choice of plant species, the scope for imagination is very wide. If you get lost in it, it is better to ask for help from the florist, he will give professional advice. But such a service as flower delivery in Kiev around the clock, will help you realize your dream to delight any girl. On the first date can give:

  1. Roses – they are always relevant to the beginning of the relationship are also suitable, even a rose will brighten your date.
  2. Tulips – lovely, gentle, cheerful, tell of your desire to continue the acquaintance, that spark of hope.
  3. Daisies – spring and summer flowers, it is better to give in season the florist will add them cornflowers, having an innocent bouquet.
  4. Peonies – pink and white to evoke admiration, sympathy, pleasing aroma and delicate finesse.
  5. Chrysanthemum – for the bouquet, you can use flowers of different colors, making bright, rich arrangement.
  6. Alstroemeria is a long fade, nice, bright, pretty flowers like any girl.
  7. Eustoma – they are very harmonious look in the handle of a young girl and older lady associated with tenderness.
  8. Gerbera – one can create a bouquet rich in gentle tones, combining it with different buds.

Order flowers to Kyiv inexpensively, by selecting a suitable composition for the photo flower shop directory. In the bouquet can consist of several types of blossoms, such as roses, alstroemerias, irises and tulips, peonies and lilies, asters and chrysanthemums.

If urgent delivery of bouquets?

Yes, this service is expected, it is offered by the online flower shop "Quote" on the site which is easy to choose a suitable bouquet. Order issued very quickly, you just need to add the song to cart, payment can be made online or to the courier upon receipt of goods. Express delivery of flowers in Kiev is performed at the specified address without any delays in agreed with the buyer time.

Even a small, modest bouquet will cause joy and smile on the lips of your lady. Flowers can melt the heart of the most inaccessible and proud beauty. So don't hesitate, order flowers, Kiev is a city where such service is in demand and relevant. Defeat your favorite first date, give her a nice corsage.

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