Wedding flowers: boutonnieres, wedding centerpieces, flower bracelets

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Wedding floristry involves the use during the ceremony a huge number of colors. Even tiny bunches, w..

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Bouquet bridesmaid, a photo of which is shown in the picture, win the hearts of guests. Tender arran..

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Bridal bouquet with freesia and eustoma.Incredibly beautiful bouquet. It differs from the other fres..

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Bridal bouquet with roses and alstromerias.Bride's bouquets their rose is a perennial classic. Peerl..

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Flowers in a beautiful wicker basket. Composition: lisanthus, romashkovidnye chrysanthemums, roses, ..

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Huge flower basket in bright colours. Consists of roses, lisanthus (or alstroemerias), romashkovidny..

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Big flower basket with roses, roses, decorative greens and baby's breath.Lovers surprise their girls..

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Composition in the form of a ball in a red-orange color scheme. Composed of roses and decor. Diamete..

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A large flower basket. Consists of hydrangeas, cotton, roses, eustomas and greenery. Height - 40 cm,..

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Arrangement of roses in a ball shape in red and orange tones. Diameter 32/35 see Roses have always b..

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151 rose in a basket in the shape of a heart.In the realm of feelings and relationships there are ce..

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Bouquet of orchids, peony roses, freesias, pink roses and greens. Have not pleased your mate a bouqu..

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Bouquet of lilac freesia.Wedding bouquet buy cheap in Kiev offers online store Quote. The compositio..

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A small composition for the decoration of the room. Consists of hydrangea, cotton, roses, eustomas a..

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The composition is striking majestic appearance and impressive size! Although in recent time and dec..

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Team big basket of roses, lilies, eustomas, roses, decorative greenery. Diameter - 60 cmThe flowers ..

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Arrangement in subtle tones of roses, lilies, assorted greenery. Height - 40/50 cm, length - 60/70 c..

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Boutonniere at the wedding – not just a decoration. It indicates lovers one one. Not accidentally us..

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The bride's bouquet as boutonniere for the groom – one of the main accessories on the wedding ceremo..

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Wedding floristry is constantly evolving, offering daily for customers new design options colors. No..

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  • A wedding is one of particularly important events, this is important for young people, the Day is celebrated in the calendar of one of the most significant throughout their subsequent life together. He was captured in dozens of photos, videos after years with interest children and grandchildren. Every young couple entering marriage, wants to hold your happy Wedding Day colorful, original, artsy. And here can not do without flowers, fragrant, charming, able to turn the celebration into a real fairy tale. That is why the florists in the world were created a whole section dedicated to wedding floristry.

The bride's bouquet

  • Wedding Bridal bouquet is not only one of the required attributes, but also a magnificent living decoration, addition to the image of the bride, accentuating the beauty of her outfit. The choice of the bride's bouquet should be treated responsibly. It is worth considering the growth of the young, her complexion, the color of the wedding dress, jewellery or jewelry, and, of course, her preferences regarding colors, after all for anybody not a secret that all women love flowers.
  • Don't forget that the Bridal bouquet should be comfortable and not heavy, because the bride will need a long time to wear him in my arms, and took seriously the composition of the bouquet, pick flowers that are resistant to wilt. But do not worry: please contact the flower shop 'Quote', You only need to answer a few questions of the Manager concerning all of the nuances, and believe me, Your bride go down the aisle with 'his' wedding bouquet. And to make it easier to navigate this really difficult and responsible choice, visit our 'Wedding bouquets of the bride'.


A boutonniere is a very small flower arrangement that is usually produced from flowers present in the bride's bouquet, having the fastening - pin or the pin. Boutonniere for the groom choose accordingly to the bride's bouquet and the groom's suit. Witnesses and guests boutonnieres are selected is similar in color and style. I advise you to visit also the section 'Posy'

Bracelet bridesmaid

Bracelet length bridesmaid pick up on similar colours and style with the bride's bouquet. This is a small composition with fasteners, worn on the hand. To make it easier to decide look in the special section 'Bracelets bridesmaid'.

  • Very original and stylish solution to decorate a wedding hall with flowers. This, of course, expensive, but believe me, it's worth it, and You will not regret if do not stint on decorating the hall with flowers. Intoxicating floral fragrance fills the air, natural freshness, charming, gentle and lovely buds. Stylish and refined floral arrangements from the flower shop 'Quote' will give an unforgettable experience the flower Paradise on earth for all guests of Your celebration!

  • If Your budget is limited, and beauty in the form of a live floral arrangement all you want, don't worry, we will try to create for You unsurpassed bouquets with seasonal flowers and some floral above. And to have an idea about decorating the hall with flowers, visit the special section with our work 'Decoration of the halls'.


If You have a desire to emphasize the wedding procession from the General stream of cars, book wedding cars with flowers. Such a cute decoration with floral arrangements add a romantic, originality and pomp to the event. On our website the data of the composition in a large range posted in category 'Decoration of machines'