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Bracelet bridesmaid to buy in Kiev

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Wedding decoration with flowers is an ancient tradition, widely used still pagans. Girlfriend came for a bachelorette party, using fresh flowers adorned the house, the porch of the bride wove a beautiful bright wreaths, served more and talismans. It was a good omen to decorate with wedding flowers, and the girls tried very hard to be in abundance. The custom of decorating the wedding flowers were planted by our ancestors, not only in order to make such an important celebration, an unusually pompous and colorful, filling the air is fresh and heady aromas of herbs, but also served as a kind of fence against evil spirits, since the flower arrangements were not only beautiful living ornaments, but also charms for newlyweds and guests.

Traditionally, the bouquet at the wedding not only the bride but her maid of honor. However groomsman there are many chores associated with such a Grand event, and to hold bouquet is not convenient. That is why florists have developed such a great solution as a bracelet for a bridesmaid. Usually it is made of flowers, but sometimes both partially and fully used and other material: artificial flowers, satin ribbon, fabric, pearls and other decorative items. Artificial flowers can be made from silk and satin fabrics, organza or chiffon, ribbon, and decorative beads. Observe the style and color inherent in the bride's bouquet. The flowers are also chosen, where possible, the same as in the bouquet for the bride, all plants pre-treated with special products for longer maintain the freshness of plants. Made this song to make a neat, small, lightweight, and colors to choose more resistant to fading and not very large,for example, orchids, Calla lilies, freesia, small roses, chrysanthemums and carnations. Decorate the bracelet with beads, crystals, beautiful ribbons, feathers, brooches, is a special friendly fixture.

When ordering a bracelet for pals, you should consider also its image, complexion, color of outfit, and also her preferred flowers. It is known that girls like flowers and certainly the witness is such that it gives special preference to. Boutonniere witness should be similar to the bracelet buddies. And in order to make the bracelet looks no different from the bride's bouquet, boutonnieres for the groom and the witness better than all those wedding attributes to order one from the florist, then You will avoid unpleasant surprises, everything will be in the same style, observed sizes and colors.

Bracelet bridesmaid usually wear on the wrist, he secured the elastic band of elastic ribbon or with beads, which can be easily worn on the arm or attached to the belt, which is just tied off around the wrist. Ribbon can be satin, silk, organza, or other suitable material. The bracelet the girl is not stopping, looks catchy and at the same time gracefully, and allocates it among the guests and stressed the important status that allows you to easily identify the witness in the crowd of guests at the right time.

Very original and looks spectacular when all the bridesmaids have such cute bracelets, made in bottom style, especially if they are still dressed alike. However, it is a Western tradition and in our country is rarely respected.

Ordering the wedding flowers decoration in the salon 'Kvitochka' You will always receive comprehensive information, practical advice and high-quality execution. Our florists have many years of experience in their field and are ready with pleasure and zeal to prepare unique, original, charming floral masterpieces, the Manager will competently estimate, taking into account not only Your wishes but also our possible discounts. The lounge provides free delivery of flowers to Kiev at any time convenient for You.

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