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Boutonniere No. 6

85 грн.

Wedding floristry involves the use during the ceremony a huge number of colors. Even tiny bunches, w..

Boutonniere No. 1

95 грн.

Boutonniere at the wedding – not just a decoration. It indicates lovers one one. Not accidentally us..

Boutonniere No. 2

100 грн.

The bride's bouquet as boutonniere for the groom – one of the main accessories on the wedding ceremo..

Boutonniere No. 3

80 грн.

Wedding floristry is constantly evolving, offering daily for customers new design options colors. No..

Boutonniere No. 4

80 грн.

The original tradition is a wedding boutonniere, which has become for all time an indispensable attr..

Boutonniere No. 5

80 грн.

Company with years of experience offers its customers to make ordering flowers Kiev online. Save tim..

Boutonniere No. 7

120 грн.

Wedding floral and decor - it is an integral part of every wedding. Bouquet for the bride and bouton..

Boutonniere No. 8

120 грн.

Order flowers to Kiev is actively practicing on the Internet resources. So save time and money on mo..

Boutonniere No. 9

85 грн.

Wedding boutonnieres – not just a fashion or tradition. They define status of participants of a marr..

Boutonniere No. 10

75 грн.

When preparing the wedding outfits it is very important training accessory for all participants of t..

Boutonniere No. 11

90 грн.

These small accessories are designed to emphasize the importance of the wedding ceremony, add it fla..

Boutonniere No. 12

75 грн.

The groom boutonniere is usually bought by the bride after she's determined the wedding bouquet. The..

Boutonniere No. 14

75 грн.

Specific installations for the production of buttonholes no, except that the height they should be n..

Boutonniere No. 15

85 грн.

In addition to a wedding bouquet bride, in the preparation of the wedding you should remember that y..

Boutonniere No. 16

150 грн.

The most fresh and beautiful flowers delivery Kiev can order online. On our website presents a varie..

Boutonniere No. 17

120 грн.

Boutonniere for the groom - an important decorative element of the wedding celebration. I want every..

Boutonniere No. 18

100 грн.

Original boutonniere for the groom that you pick the style of Bridal bouquet is made with all the in..

Boutonniere No. 19

100 грн.

Wedding flowers boutonniere presented mainly from flowers. Boutonniere can be bought cheaply, and th..

Boutonniere No. 20

100 грн.

Wedding flowers in a boutonniere includes a composition of one or many colors, beautifully designed ..

Boutonniere No. 21

120 грн.

There are a number of subtleties, which have to match your wedding flowers. The main accessory for d..

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A boutonniere is a small arrangement of one or more colors embellished in any decor and with a special pin or a pin as a fastener. The groom is made it is usually one of those colors that are present in the bride's bouquet, to respect harmony, and cling to the lapel or pocket of your jacket or tuxedo on the left side. The bride-to-be, this attribute to anything, however on request it can attach the corsage to the bodice of the dress. Boutonnieres needed witnesses, they are usually more modest, but share the same color scheme and style. The witness, it is advisable to attach it to your wrist, so it will be easier. It is also recommended to order these flower arrangements and friends of the Bridal people to highlight their status. Looks very original, when there are boutonnieres for all the guests, however it is costly, and not everyone can afford it.

A boutonniere is a mandatory attribute since ancient times. Once it looked like this: the groom gave his bride a bouquet, and she pulled a flower from her bouquet and pinned it together in a sign of sincere love. In our time, this tradition can be beat by putting boutonniere on top of the bride's bouquet.

Boutonniere can be made from almost any flower, usually choose flower, which clearly stands out in the bride's bouquet: the spectacular total look Calla, Orchid, rose. The main, but not critical mandatory color - symbolic white, symbolizing purity and innocence. For decoration use beads, stones, decorative greenery, ribbon and other handy tools, combining Your wishes and imagination and experience of the florist. In the online shop of flowers 'Quote' there is a whole section on buttonholes, where among the huge selection You can find a decent. Flower delivery to Kiev is possible only in case if the order of colors is not less than 200 hryvnia, so be aware that less than this amount is only possible pickup.

Making a wedding procession, a bright boutonniere, decorated with satin ribbons, attached to the door handles of wedding cars.

Sometimes boutonnieres are ordered for corporate parties and events for company employees. In this case, you should stick to a certain color scheme, logo or other attributes of the firm.

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