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Decoration of glasses for the wedding in Kiev

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Wedding glasses, and a bouquet for the bride, are an integral part of any wedding celebration. They are the center of attention, as well as the couple. Many brides spend much time choosing glasses. Some take two glasses, because glasses can break. Often one pair of glasses used for a photo shoot and another couple – decorating the wedding table. You can choose the glasses of expensive beautiful glass, but they will not look solemn. There are several ways to decorate these glasses. Many do it on their own. For decoration you can use lace, artificial flowers. You can decorate the glasses using a specific painting techniques.

Prettiest look glasses, decorated with flowers. They are gentle and elegant. You can make flowers out of ribbon or paper, but the most beautiful sight glasses, decorated with fresh flowers. Often use only the petals that glue to the glass in a beautiful composition. Can be attached to the glass and a Bud. Fresh flowers are always actual, they give the wedding a special celebration and solidity.

Often, newlyweds are decorating the entire hall with live flowers. In this case, and the glasses better to decorate it the same colors. So you will be able to withstand the overall style of the wedding. To decorate the glasses are ideal for orchids or other small flowers. The main thing to choose the flowers. Glasses should be gentle, won't suit bright colors. It is best to choose a beautiful white or pale pink petals or the buds.

Most often the flowers are attached to the stem of the glass. Experienced florists will be able to attach a beautiful flower in such a way that it will last the whole celebration. Often for decorating use what is called a boutonniere, which also constitute a small, pleasant composition.

To complement the flowers you can add items from a fabric, for example, a beautiful addition will serve strips with rhinestones or simply silk ribbon tied with a bow. Often as a Supplement to composition use a gentle white feathers. They give the songs a special lightness. The main thing to remember is that both of the glass must be exactly the same.

Due to the fact that fresh flowers are not always able to stay fresh, the decoration is best to use for a photo shoot. Almost every photographer likes to use glasses during the shooting of the newlyweds. Fresh flowers would look perfect in the photos. As for the celebration, then you can use artificial flowers. Thus, you will have more chances that glasses will be elegant and beautiful to the end of the celebration. The florists in our salon can offer you a lot of options to decorate the glasses. They will be able not only to pick up flowers, but you arrange the song using ribbon and beads, rhinestones and other materials.

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