Decoration wedding car flowers

Arrangement in subtle tones of roses, lilies, assorted greenery. Height - 40/50 cm, length - 60/70 c..

2 390 грн.

Decorating cars for wedding flowers always makes the event more special feeling of warmth, beauty an..

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Wedding decoration on a car Kyiv offers at present in a very wide range. The buttonhole on the machi..

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Wedding decoration on a car Kiev offers to buy at a nice price that will please the future husband a..

95 грн.

Wedding decoration on a car Kiev offers to buy at a nice price that will please the future husband a..

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Decorating cars for wedding flowers will make Your holiday unique and memorable. A gorgeous arrangem..

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Decorating cars for wedding flowers - a fashionable trend, which is all the time gaining momentum. T..

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Wedding decoration on a car in Kiev will help You to feel the holiday is in the process of preparing..

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Most people today make purchases over the Internet, since not all have a lot of free time. Developed..

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Flowers delivery in Kiev is open for You daily - so You just have to make your choice on the website..

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Car decoration for wedding always makes the celebration a sense of comfort, harmony and beauty. Comp..

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Wedding is the main event in every person's life, so the celebration should be unique and memorable ..

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Incredibly beautiful car decoration for wedding which definitely will find the opinion in the soul o..

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Bright, fragrant and rich decoration of the car definitely set the tone and mood of Your precious ce..

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Car decoration with fresh flowers will make Your event unique, joyful and delicious. Because the sce..

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Delicate boutonniere for machines with pinkish-lilac ribbons, cute little flowers and a large flower..

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This car decoration in soft pink style will fit perfectly in the spring wedding. Sweet pink rose and..

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Decoration wedding car flowers

'Ah! This wedding, wedding...' - sung in the famous song. But wedding is one of the most joyous holiday (which happens only 1 time a year). Dress chosen, the restaurant was found, all the guests know of the upcoming celebration, decor of the hall also selected... But to congratulate all lovers with the feast too early and the wedding planning is in full swing. Do not forget about such an important part as a decoration of wedding cars: matched colors, ribbons, rings will not let you get lost among the other machines.

What are the options you can use to decorate the cars?

  1. Tape

Mounted on the hood tape – standard variant, which will not let you get lost in the flow of traffic. However, this decoration of wedding cars suitable not only for the hood, but also for other functional parts of the car. You only need to choose the appropriate option. Which tapes can be used for a wedding procession?

  • Plain white.

  • Organza.

  • Elaborately decorated with flowers and other decorative elements.

The decoration of cars in this way will create a single design and to give a sense of occasion.

  1. Ring

As without them? Wedding rings are exchanged, the young in the registry office in a sign of strong love and appreciation. A ring attached to the hood of a car is considered almost a mandatory part of the wedding party. To impart beauty, they can be decorated with ribbons, flowers, accessories and other important things.

ATTENTION! Since ancient times bells were used for transport, which are the newlyweds. It is considered that they are a solemn call to a new family happiness. So please, take advantage!

There are options in the form of rings on the grille.

  1. Stylized outfit of the bride jewelry

Looks interesting Bridal veil by car bow decorations and much more. The jewelry looks interesting, attract the attention of innovative solutions. The motorcade will definitely notice!

  1. Hats on the car

Interesting solution which exactly attract attention and highlight your car. For the machine bride can choose a beautiful cylinder, and for a vehicle of the bride – coquettish hat with red lips and a veil. Such a tuple will not get lost among the rest, he will be visible and bright.

Your wedding deserves to be special! You on this solemn day, vow to love each other for life, walk side by side, holding hand in hand. So try to each thing, each detail and feature that day was special. You will remember moments of a wedding celebration, these colorful crazy seconds, with emotion. And part of seconds will remain on the wedding photographs and videos. So your image was not marred by below watching the video again and again you have had only the warmest feelings, take care of every detail. Our online shop will help you to determine the detail of the image, and experienced craftsmen will do everything necessary for the creation of sensual beauty.

Why should you work with Internet-shop of flowers 'Kvitochka'? We offer clients works of art for daily use. With us you get the peace approach to creating each flower, each song for a wedding celebration. We offer comprehensive support for the style of wedding and help you choose all accessories (luxury bouquet of flowers for the bride to a fun jewelry party guests ' cars). A nice selection and endless possibilities that open up before you with us! Designer jewelry, created with heart and great love are waiting for you! Allow yourself the brightness and charm of the holiday easy!

Decoration of wedding cars is one of the directions of activity of our company. When you design a car for your celebration, You will receive the highest quality service, fresh flowers, and can also have decoration auto on an individual sketch, putting brand of car, its colour and Your preferences.

Decoration of wedding cars can help to distinguish Your wedding escort from the General stream of cars, especially if arrangement made of fresh flowers.You can decorate a wedding car and with his own hands, but in this case You risk to not get the results that you want. So it is better to trust professional florists to make your holiday a memorable one, but what holiday without flowers?!The wedding car is best to book in advance so we had time to prepare components, especially if the composition includes rare flowers and plants.

Why book the decoration of wedding cars in our company? It's very simple – all bouquets and arrangements are created by professional and talented florists in addition, we have ordered compositions of any complexity, You are guaranteed to get quality service for the lowest price!