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Bouquet with irises to order in Kiev around the clock

101 Tulip iris

3 390 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips and blue irises in quantity 101 piecesAesthetically..

Basket of Spring flowers story

1 990 грн.

Basket with spring flowers. In the composition of tulips, irises, roses. Th..

Flower basket with irises

1 190 грн.

Flower basket with irises, roses, roses. Height - 30 cm, diameter - 30 cmFl..

201 Tulip + iris in the basket

6 990 грн.

201 Tulip different varieties in the basket.A wonderful spring surprise for..

151 Tulip + iris in basket

5 295 грн.

Huge bouquet of 151 Tulip and iris in basket. Height - 60 cm, diameter - 80..

Stylish bouquet for March 8

690 грн.

A cascading bouquet of spring flowers: irises, tulips, Alstroemeria and dec..

Basket of flowers 'Spring Rhapsody'

1 790 грн.

Flower basket in bright colours. Composed of iris, tulips, spray roses, gre..

Big flower basket with irises

1 690 грн.

Big flower basket with irises, roses, seasonal flowers. Height - 50 cm diam..

A bouquet of flowers Colourful surprise

895 грн.

A large bouquet of alstroemerias, roses, irises and decorative greenery. He..


970 грн.

Romantic bouquet of 11 roses of the glorious prestige class "Grand Prix", s..

A large basket of flowers in Abundance

3 990 грн.

Arrangement in a basket, consists of roses, irises, eustoma, lilies, season..

Basket of flowers 'Impromptu'

2 390 грн.

A basket Arrangement in Business class. Consists of orchids, irises, roses ..

Spring basket of flowers with irises

1 590 грн.

Spring basket of flowers with irises, roses, roses, decorative greenery. He..

Delicate spring mix

1 795 грн.

Delicate spring mix of pink tulips in the amount of 19 pieces, iris - 7 pie..

A large basket of flowers 'Rhapsody'

1 990 грн.

Flower basket of relatively large sizes. Composition: Orchid, chrysanthemum..

A vibrant mix

695 грн.

Cheap enchanting bouquet with the name 'Bright mix' is a wonderful blend of..

Basket of tulips 151шт

5 755 грн.

Gorgeous and huge basket of tulips, colorful and the most bright, in the am..

Flowers in a box, the Surge of Emotions

1 990 грн.

Large bouquet in a hat box of peony roses, irises, chrysanthemums romashkov..

Spring bouquet "Notes"

1 690 грн.

Spring bouquet with roses, irises, alstromerias, "Notes". Height - 60 cm, d..

Basket of irises 'spring!'

795 грн.

Sometimes it's spring in the cold winter evenings! Bouquet of spring flower..

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Nature gave man a lot of pretty flowers that can be admired, not looking up. Among them unlike any other, unique in its appearance and structure of the iris. With the Greek this word is translated 'rainbow'. Florists gladly make bouquets with irises, because they have many shades and colors, so easy to blend with other plants.

The history of the origin of irises

These flowers were known in prehistoric times. The first flower has blossomed in Southeast Asia, they are admired by all who saw him. Legend has it that the seeds of iris were blown by the wind all over the world. So it spread and began to decorate gardens and flower beds in different corners of the globe.

Irises received recognition in Ancient Greece. They were used not only for decoration of flower beds, but also for the production of talismans, amulets and essential oils. Gradually, people bring out new and interesting varieties of these plants. Today you can easily bouquet with irises buy in Kiev by ordering it online in the flower shop.

Irises – unique flowers to create bouquets

A special mood gives irises their bright blossoms and sword-shaped simply leaves. They can be used to Express loyalty, respect and emphasize the friendly feelings. They are inexpensive, very cute, have a delicate fragrance of spring. Round-the-clock flower delivery in Kiev, so they can be ordered at any time convenient to you.

Great colors can create incredibly beautiful bouquets with irises. Combine them:

  • with tulips of different colors;
  • with lush peony roses;
  • with a modest daisies;
  • Royal orchids;
  • with decorative sunflowers;
  • with the proud chrysanthemums;
  • with majestic gerbera daisies.

Ordering flowers in Kiev in the company 'Quote' is a great opportunity to purchase bouquets of freshly cut irises. They are made in special paper or transparent film. Performed composition in hat boxes or baskets. Will not leave anyone indifferent tandem blue irises and yellow chrysanthemums. Themed bouquet in Ukrainian style is associated with the national flag. He brings positive energy solar.

Tips florist: who should give irises

Bouquets of irises are suitable for any occasion. It all depends on their shade and combination of the composition:

  • white flowers adorn the bride's bouquet to symbolize innocence and purity;
  • blue and purple – to business partner, boss, employees-men.
  • yellow irises are suitable for friends and loved ones – sisters, moms, wives. They will fill the house with sunshine and warmth;
  • pink and other bright colors will delight the woman who will accentuate her tenderness and charm;
  • a mix of irises in different colors - for the beloved and dear to the heart of the person you wish excellent mood, want to give a smile.

Presented with irises on birthday and anniversaries to all calendar and family events. They are always appropriate. Make an order of bouquets in Kiev, at home, in office directly on the website of the online flower shop 'Quote'. It is easy to carry, make a request or calling by phone.

Experienced florists will make the arrangement for you, investing in talent and design taste. Irises will long to please you, if cared for properly. It is necessary every day to change the water in the vase and cut stems, add water to the pieces of charcoal or tablet of activated charcoal – they will prevent the stems from rotting and odor.

Beneficial for customers flower delivery in Kyiv inexpensively. The bouquets of irises, you can add sweets, fruits, cakes, soft toy or greeting card. Gift salon worker will deliver to the specified address. Hurry up to order a bouquet of flowers with free delivery in Kiev. Do not put off the purchase indefinitely, because in the holidays the relevance of order increases.