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Bouquets with tulips to order with delivery in Kyiv

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Tulips... These first spring flowers we associate with the awakening of nature, with the first rays of gentle sun, birds singing and good humor. Unusually beautiful, various shapes and colors, majestic and at the same time delicate, they traditionally are immutable gift for 8 March. But this is not the only occasion on which you can give to these flowers.

Bouquets of tulips, symbolizing the warmth and joy, give the ability to Express their love and affection for any occasion and are a great gift not only for women. For men such a gift will also be appropriate, because it is not important what those are, and what you want to say by this sign of attention.

A bit of history

Coming to us in the early seventeenth century from Persia, where it was believed a symbol of love and beauty, the Tulip was considered a very rare flower, which sometimes gave a fortune. History has preserved many beautiful and interesting legends, and crazy things related to this exotic plant, while the cultivation of the Tulip was not massive.

Tulip has lost its uniqueness, but remained a favorite with many flower which is the subject of many poems and songs. Bouquets with tulips and today is always a welcome in every home, no matter where they came from – scrubby steppe or the majestic Dutch. Each flower in its own way is extraordinarily beautiful.

Give luck!

They say that in each Cup of a Tulip hidden happiness. Therefore, this bouquet is sure to become a wish prosperity, luck and happiness. These colorful cups that convey emotions, spring mood, I can not create a good mood.

Perhaps symbolically, these wonderful plants bloom for Women's day. So, if you want to give a bouquet of tulips, Kiev always help you. The variety of tulips here is very large.

But these flowers will be appropriate and other cases. They are used in Easter decorations, and many take them on a date. They have found their place in a wedding songs. So it is safe to say that the tulips are universal in their purpose.

The choice of color

This beautiful and delicate flower is also characterized by a large range of shades from pure white to almost black rare. It is therefore not surprising that tulips also have their own symbols. So, red means passion, love; yellow – good mood, happiness; lilac – wish of success. Delicate, romantic, gentle nature, will suit the white tulips. When you first meet a girl better to give her tulips soft pink color. And if the gift is intended for business partners, the flowers are bright-orange hue.

Tulips today – the most common gift that brings joy and warmth gives you the opportunity to show your affection and good attitude. Therefore, the order of bouquets in Kyiv, at home, in the office you can do always online flower shop 'Quote'. Because the choice of these beautiful spring flowers in the floristic salon is great.

The order and delivery

Bouquet with tulips buy in Kyiv in the company 'Kvitochka' is not a problem at any time as online stores and salons, they are always there, thanks to regular deliveries from flower farms. To order a bouquet of flowers with free delivery in Kiev is not difficult and in our salon florist. There is a large selection of songs from these colorful flowers. Just select any of our florists will quickly make your dream a reality.

Order flowers to Kyiv provides round the clock, you just have to call or go to the website. Flowers delivery to Kiev cheap will cost. We work for you. So hour delivery of flowers in Kiev your women, girls, and friends, family or employees is guaranteed.

Give tulips to all who love, respect or even know. May they bring joy and happiness to all of them yourself.

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