Huge bouquets of tulips buy in Kyiv: 101 Tulip and more

101 multi-colored Tulip.There is an amazing the language of flowers is understood by all people. Gen..

2 990 грн.

Bouquet of white tulips and blue irises in quantity 101 piecesAesthetically unique arrangement of wh..

2 990 грн.

45 tulips in a hat box. Height - 35 cm, diameter 30/35 cm Bouquets of flowers with delivery in Kyiv ..

1 590 грн.

151 Tulip colorful.151 Tulip in the bouquet - the option of luxury gift on all occasions. The compos..

4 490 грн.

201 Tulip different varieties in the basket.A wonderful spring surprise for any women can become bea..

5 990 грн.

251 multi-colored Tulip in the basketA symbol of tenderness and refined taste is the tulips. With it..

7 490 грн.

39 lilac tulips in a hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 30 cmThe visitors can order a box of purple..

1 395 грн.

35 cream (white) tulips in a hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 30 cmBouquets with white tulips pre..

1 290 грн.

35 tulips in a hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 30 cmDon't know where to buy colorful tulips in K..

1 290 грн.

A large bouquet with peonies, roses, tulips. A height of 50/60 cm, diameter - 50 cmA large bouquet o..

2 990 грн.

Large hatbox with peonies, orchids, roses, tulips. Height - 50 cm diameter - 50 cm Today choice on t..

3 990 грн.

41 bright Tulip in a hatbox. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 30 cm.Tulips are rightly considered to be on..

1 645 грн.

111 of colourful tulips in the basket.Large bouquets of tulips looks amazing! Gift say about you as ..

3 530 грн.

A stunning bouquet of 101 Tulip folded in stylish cardboard box. The colors in the bouquet, contrast..

3 290 грн.

101 multi-colored Tulip in a hatbox. Bright and reliable sign of spring is melting snow and drops..

3 490 грн.

151 Tulip varieties and colors in a hatbox. The height of the composition is 50 cm long with a diame..

4 790 грн.

A basket of tulips in the amount of 101 pieces.Deciding 101 Tulip buy in Kiev for a dear person, con..

3 490 грн.

-12 %
Gorgeous and huge basket of tulips, colorful and the most bright, in the amount of 151шт. can conque..

5 195 грн.
4 570 грн.

Great and original composition in basket with tulips and irises. The number of colors in the bouquet..

2 450 грн.

35 mix tulips in a hat box. Height - 40 cm, diameter - 30 cmThe closer spring, the higher the intere..

1 290 грн.

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Huge bouquets of tulips buy in Kyiv: 101 Tulip and more

Wish lovely enveloped the head, besides, I want to please a loved one? Nothing could be simpler: 101 Tulip buy in Kyiv can be expensive in a couple of clicks. An important moment of choice not only to explore a vast catalog that bouquets-models join every day, but also a belief that round-the-clock flower delivery in Kyiv also works. Favorite person will appreciate.

Tulips in a box: when the style is evident

Anyone who wants to enchant, to conquer or to please, never choose a small number of tulips. They just will not look good in the composition. Huge bouquets with tulips - here's the solution for someone who likes to conquer and charming!

The online flower shop 'Quote' will be offered every spring primroses in large quantity and in different variants of floral design. It is no secret that many people prefer the basket of the 101 101 Tulip or a Tulip in a box. The first option is a win-win for presentation at official ceremonies, parties, other public holidays and events. In this flower gift is felt the true scope of the donor.

Flowers in a box - an innovative idea that will be enjoyed by everyone. And all because has numerous advantages over other:

  • the ergonomics of the package. Box is a real mystery especially if covered with a lid;
  • no need for a vase. Consequently, a floral gift can decorate any surface in any room;
  • ease of delivery. Most often, the box has tape that involves the presentation of colors even on the run. All you need, 'throw' flowers over the shoulder.

The receiver would like the idea. And if not, you can always prepare another classic.

Huge-enormous or 'chip' Euro-bouquet of tulips

Euro-bouquets of 101 Tulip with delivery in Kiev - a classic of the genre, which attracts the attention of everyone. As experienced florists, masters of floral art create a miracle like that? Only using their own ideas and secrets, wanting to please the customers!

The bouquet created in the European style, is:

  • monochrome composition, 'diluted' 2-3 other shades. Meats are not welcome, so the compositions are chosen tulips in one color, languid and deep or light and charming;
  • dense layout, which does not mean 'void' in the bouquet. Free space, you can easily decorate with greenery, which is welcome in this style;
  • composition. Flowers and greenery, a minimum of decorative elements. While European style affects innovation, allowing to combine in one composition 'opposite' colors. No prohibitions, the main rule of harmony;
  • form. It is a round bouquet, gathered in a spiral. But today's floral fashion offers other options;
  • option floral design. In this case, 101 multi-colored Tulip bouquet, you can only tie a ribbon or twine, securely and firmly, but without damaging colors. In exceptional cases it is possible to use natural materials craftool paper, sisal and the like for processing of the composition.

It turns out that beautiful tulips are equally stylish, unusual and bright look as the Euro-bouquet and hanging pots, the basket or box. You should learn the endless offers online storefronts, to take advice of a professional, listen to your own heart and make a choice. The flowers are delivered at the address specified in the application quickly and accurately. Couriers of our company will not fail, so know the city very well. The work of masters of their craft will be appreciated.