to Buy a bouquet of tulips in a hat box with delivery in Kiev

101 multi-colored Tulip in boxTulips are one of the main signs of the onset of pore spring. Spring a..

3 490 грн.

101 white Tulip in a hatbox.Spring! Isn't that the best reason to give flowers to their women? When ..

3 590 грн.

45 tulips in a hat box. Height - 35 cm, diameter 30/35 cmSpectacular floral arrangement of tulips in..

1 590 грн.

25 tulips in a hat box.The language of flowers, which originated in the East many centuries ago, the..

1 050 грн.

55 tulips in a hat box. The height of the composition - 40 cm, diameter composition - 40 cmCute, rad..

1 895 грн.

A large spring bouquet in a hatbox. Consists of orchids, tulips, roses, Alstroemeria. Height - 35/40..

1 990 грн.

25 white tulips in a hat box.Dazzling tenderness tulipsTulips are one of the main associations with ..

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151 Tulip in box151 Tulip in a hatbox - a spectacular bouquet of appealing scale. Based on the prese..

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51 tender Tulip in a hatbox.Nothing lifts spirits and does not add to vitality, as a gift in the for..

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Hatbox tulips, roses, orchids. Height - 30/40 cm, diameter - 25/30 cmThe perfect solution for any oc..

1 990 грн.

Large hatbox tulips and orchids. Height - 30 cm, diameter 25 cmThe flawless gift for any occasion ar..

1 590 грн.

Large hatbox with peonies, orchids, roses, tulips. Height - 50 cm diameter - 50 cmBouquets with orch..

3 990 грн.

51 purple Tulip in a hatbox. Height - 35/40 cm, diameter - 25/30 cm. Flowers give each of us th..

1 995 грн.

51 colorful Tulip in a hatbox. The height of the composition - 40 cm, diameter - 40 cmBouquets of tu..

1 795 грн.

A stunning bouquet of 101 Tulip folded in stylish cardboard box. The colors in the bouquet, contrast..

3 290 грн.

25 purple tulips in a hat box. The height of the composition - 30 cm, diameter - 18 cmIf among your ..

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to Buy a bouquet of tulips in a hat box with delivery in Kiev

Hat boxes with tulips - this proposal, which captivates the actual creativeness fresh and trendy accent. This floral installation is at once gentle and restrained, it differs from the typical bouquets. As for the basics can be used tulips of different colors, the final version of the work can be as bright and colorful and more discreet, presented in nadovich, pastel colors. In addition to the tulips in such compositions can be used and other plants, decorative items (toppers, rhinestones, floral props).

Large box of tulips looks solid and considerably better than traditional bouquets. This solution is convenient and practical: flower box easier to transport flowers in it stay fresh longer. As the Foundation uses the popular cylindrical form of the box, which in color and decoration usually associated with the color of the buds. A huge box of tulips - a safe choice for congratulations on any occasion. Especially popular such proposals are in the spring, particularly in March 8. Large hat boxes appropriate as gifts at corporate events of any level and scale. The bouquet was really individual composition at customer's request can be further embellished with feathers, bows have a non-traditional form. Tulips are colorful and look spectacular in large numbers, so the volume of the box with more colors (55 and above) is a great solution in the best possible way to showcase the beauty and charm of these plants.

The online flower shop 'Quote' offers You a unique chance to present their dear people with stylish, professionally made and decorated in the best traditions of modern floral hat boxes with tulips. Lovers of classics should be of interest to the monochromatic bouquets of tulips, for those who prefer a creative approach can be interesting colourful composition, the brilliance of which played up the contrasting color of the petals of tulips, their unusual color or shape of the composition. In any case, a hat box is a universal choice for practical and comfortable basics of modern floral masterpiece. Tulips in a hat box to buy in Odessa cheap online company 'Kvitochka' means to make a choice in favor of excellence, entrusting the preparation of the festive bouquet really experienced florists. Bouquets of flowers have long ceased to be an everyday sign of respect. Today is the expression of feelings, demonstration of taste, the fashion focus in the design office or home interior. Due to the fact that a bunch in a hat box long retains the original freshness, he will long to please myself and to remind you of the pleasant moments of the holiday.

Hour delivery of flowers in Kiev and Kiev region from the company 'Kvitochka' - a guarantee that the ordered bouquet will be delivered on time to the recipient at its best. Transportation and bouquets of flowers involves adherence to a number of specific requirements, particularly for three-dimensional works in the difficult weather conditions. Professional delivery of these bouquets is the option, which will allow us to preserve the freshness of the most complex structures and their form, delivering to the addressee the maximum pleasure from the surprise. Ordering flowers and arrangements of any complexity can be implemented directly on the website.