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Buy white tulips delivery in Kiev and Kiev region

White shades from time immemorial considered the epitome of purity and inner spiritual purity. Bouquets of white tulips is always appropriate. They are good as a gift in any circumstances, if given sincerely and from the heart.

The mystique surrounding white tulips

In folk legends there are many legends, fabulous stories about this flower.

  1. For example, in England has such a legend. One day a lady from Devonshire heard at night the enchanting remnants, like thin chimes, proceeding from the garden. Approaching, she saw that standing white tulips in a basket have become a place for pampering and games kids charming forest fairies. The woman marveled at their elegance and grace and decided to put as many tulips in my garden, to the little fairies had more space.
  2. For many centuries poets of different eras had composed many songs, poems and stories about the flower. White tulips buy in Kiev inexpensive – means to touch the beautiful piece. In the XIV century Hafiz of Persia dedicated white Tulip poems. In Turkey and now it is a symbol of harmony and perfection. The plant can be found in all patterns, fabrics, dishes and carpets. A whole historical era of the Ottoman Empire was called the Era of Tulips, and at the Sultan's court was always broken Tulip Garden.
  3. In Uzbekistan tell, in the inaccessible mountains every spring blossoms blue Tulip, the giver finds it – good luck.

Probably because of these myths, and had the symbolic meaning of the flower in floristry: innocence, purity, new beginning, untainted and sincere heart.

Varieties of tulips in shades of white

The online flower shop 'Quote' is engaged in sale and manufacture of floral arrangements of different varieties of white tulips:

  • Antarctica is the most popular, classic form. Graceful Bud has a conical shape from an equilateral, perfect, sharp-pointed petals;
  • Smirnoff needle fringe. The components of the flower are more square than in the first grade, have a wavy edge. Tulips seem to be even more refined and fluffy;
  • White Heart – variety with a huge number of petals. Derived new, it has already gaining its fans. Firm buds with many wavy petals shape look is rich and surprisingly soft.

Hour delivery of flowers in Kiev and Kiev region from the store makes the process of ordering flowers and creating surprise is surprisingly simple and enjoyable. White tulips, a gift spontaneously from the heart, is especially valuable for the woman he loved.

Who is appropriate to give white tulips

White tulips in a hat box, in a mixed bouquet, in a basket to give as a sign of extreme sincerity, purity of thought, professing his devotion. The composition is perfect:

  • for wife;
  • for the beloved, as a Declaration of love;
  • mom's Birthday;
  • wedding;
  • to the hospital;
  • a celebration of the young person;
  • the spring festival colleagues.

Depending on celebration, close location to choose and bestow the composition. Mononoke 5-7 tulips – for colleagues, a luxurious basket of the 101 flower for beloved wife. Order flowers to Kiev via Internet shop 'Quote' – all the more reason to ocenania a few minutes, hours of joy to your loved beautiful, delicate plants.

What colors combination of white tulips

White tulips flowers need no embellishment. They are ideal monobactam decorated in a basket or box. Plants have tender scent of spring and freshness. It is unobtrusive and pleasant ladies of all ages.

Often include tulips in spring bouquets composed of irises, crocuses and daffodils. Snow white colors gives the compositions of the brightness, originality and even greater tenderness.

Flawless, perfect flowers, perfect and in tandem with the freesia. The overall tone of the bouquet make in pastel, nadovich shades.