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Product Code: Ритуальная корзина с гвоздиками №20
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Funeral basket carnations. Height - 55cm, diameter - 50 cmOn this day, infinitely sad,Remember again again.Those words about love and friendship,You don't have time I say.Miss you I really,And I catch myself.What I want,... Read more...

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Product Code: Ритуальная корзина с гвоздиками №20
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Funeral basket carnations. Height - 55cm, diameter - 50 cm

On this day, infinitely sad,
Remember again again.
Those words about love and friendship,
You don't have time I say.
Miss you I really,
And I catch myself.
What I want, when something happens,
To tell you everything then.
I now was empty and cold,
Heard your whisper in the silence.
And the flowers bloomed again,
In the vase that stood in the window.
The sense of loss aches the soul. In my head crowding thoughts about what was not said or was not done. I want to do something, to tell him who went about his love and grief from separation. Flowers can help. Funeral basket delivery in Kyiv around the clock to provide any addresses.
They have a special language. You can order funeral basket to Kyiv you can by phone. The language of flowers is not amenable to easy translation into human words. Every color conveys some emotion. From this comes the tradition of giving flowers on days of events, joyful or sad. Red means love, but its brightness shows strength of feeling.
Fold the flowers in the funeral basket is an ancient tradition. The ancestors had a culture of communication with the departed. Funeral basket buy in Kyiv inexpensive absolutely easy. Rods, of which the basket is woven, braided with flowers in an emotional way.

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