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The modern pace of life – we are all in a hurry, busy work. All the time to order flowers via the Internet with shipping and to congratulate your friend on the remarkable event. This service provides a specialized shop Кvitochka. Actual prices, wide range, accurate delivery without delay. We do everything we can to keep our customers satisfied one hundred percent.

To order flowers over the Internet deliveryAdvantages Kvitochka

We offer you to order flowers over the Internet delivery at any time. We work without breaks, weekends. Own transport, observance of all norms of sanitary rules Express service.

We offer only fresh plants. Storage in specially equipped areas, refrigeration parts, technologies of world standards. A wide selection of. Receive the goods of domestic greenhouses, sending tulips from the Netherlands. We offer you to order flowers over the Internet delivery of elite varieties of roses of Ecuador, a variety of colors.

A wide range of classic sets. The photo shows the ready-made bouquets, decoration. This basket, selection of plants based on the shape of a heart. Offer to create an exclusive design of the composition. Popular design arrangements of ikebana.

Beautiful flora need to be adequately framed. We can choose the package and order flowers through the Internet with delivery at the basket out of vines, sticks newspaper, in the hat box, Kraft paper or cellophane.

In great demand in the consumer use kits. This set with Supplement. We offer our customers to order flowers via Internet delivery with the attachment cards with greeting poems, set of chocolate, with an adorable toy. Sent the clients photos with the time of delivery of the order.

Flowers in hatboxes
1 790 грн.
-31 %
2 590 грн. 1 790 грн.
1 090 грн.
870 грн.
-20 %
995 грн. 795 грн.
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Flowers in baskets
1 990 грн.
1 990 грн.
1 995 грн.
-15 %
1 990 грн. 1 690 грн.
-19 %
9 530 грн. 7 695 грн.
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101 roses
-34 %
3 790 грн. 2 490 грн.
-17 %
2 990 грн. 2 490 грн.
2 890 грн.
8 590 грн.
5 990 грн.
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